How to find all unread email in Gmail

  1. Easy Ways to Filter Gmail to Show Only Unread Messages
  2. How Gmail Shows Unread Emails First
  3. Search for unread messages

Easy Ways to Filter Gmail to Show Only Unread Messages

Viewing only unread email is the easiest way to deal with all those emails you have yet to receive. Gmail makes it easy to filter your email to show only unread messages, and hides all the emails you’ve already opened.

There are two ways to see only unread emails in Gmail, and which one you choose depends entirely on how you want to find them. Whichever method you use, you will see not only emails you have not opened, but also emails you open but then marked as unread.

How Gmail Shows Unread Emails First

Gmail has an entire section devoted to unread emails. You can access this section of your Gmail account to see all the emails you need to read. This is the best way to keep unread emails “permanently” at the top of Gmail.

Here’s how:

  1. Open your account inbox settings.

  2. Near mailbox type make sure an option is selected from the drop-down menu Don’t read first .

  3. Below Click/Click parameters: next to the line unread .

  4. There are several options you can set for unread messages. You can force Gmail to display up to 5, 10, 25, or 50 unread items at a time. You can also automatically hide the Unread section when there are no more unread messages.

  5. Click or click Saving Changes bottom of this page to continue.

  6. In the map inbox now there is a section unread , just below the menu buttons at the top of messages. Click or tap this word to see or hide all unread emails; all new letters will come there.

Everything else that has already been read will now automatically appear in the section The rest under him.

You can undo step 2 and choose Default, important first, marked first, or priority folder to ignore these settings and stop showing unread emails.

Search for unread messages

Unlike the above method, which only shows unread emails in a folder inbox Gmail also makes it easy to find unread messages in any folder and works with the Gmail inbox service.

  1. Open the folder where you want to find unread messages.

  2. Use the search bar at the top of Gmail and type this after the text already entered there:

      является: непрочитанным  
  3. Send a request by pressing the key Input on your keyboard or by tapping/pressing the blue search button in Gmail.

  4. You will now see all the unread emails in that folder and everything else will be temporarily hidden due to the search filter you just applied.

Here is an example of how to find unread emails in a folder Basket . After opening this folder, the search bar should read “in:trash”, in which case you can add “is:unread” at the end to find only unread emails in the folder Waste :

  in: trash is: unread  

You can search for unread messages in only one folder at a time. For example, you can’t change the search to include folders Shopping cart>/ spam . For example, instead you need to open the folder spam and search there if you want to find unread spam messages.

You can even add other search operators to do things like find unread emails between certain dates. In this example, Gmail only shows unread emails from December 28, 2017 to January 1, 2018:

 : непрочитано до: 2018/01/01, после: 2017/12/28  

Here’s another example of how to view only unread messages from a specific email address:

 : непрочитано от: [email protected]  

This page lists all unread emails sent from each addresses “”:

 : непрочитано от: * @  

Another common way is to search Gmail for unread messages by name instead of email address:

  is: непрочитано от: Jon  

Putting a few of them together to do a super-specific search for unread emails (from Bank of America) up to a specific date (June 15, 2017) in a custom folder (called “bank”) would look something like this:

  ярлык: банк: непрочитанный до: 2017/06/15 от: * @  

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