How to find out which iPhone model you have

esté iphone The design has undergone some significant changes in recent years, but most models are so similar that it can be difficult to determine which model of Apple smartphone someone has. This information is needed to find shoes, fabric protectors and other compatible accessories. Also, when buying a used iPhone, it is good to know which country it is planned for as there are differences in how it is done around the world.

Apple rarely misses the look of the iPhone. It’s a bit like a luxury car that had major design updates only a few years ago. The first model, launched in 2007, looks like a large fabric at the time, but compared to modern iPhone models, the 3.5-inch fabric is ridiculously small. As time goes by, Apple keeps the same look, only better. The iPhone 5 was the first to introduce floorboards in 2012. Meanwhile, the curve returned in 2014 with the iPhone 6. The iPhone X was the first “all-screen” model, a big announcement from Apple in 2017, meaning it doesn’t have a Home button, allowing for a larger screen. The next big change will be in 2020 when the iPhone 12 reintroduces the floorboards.

Within a year, Apple could launch five basic iPhone models. Embracing the differences in size and number of cameras can help determine which is which, there is a difference between cameras that are not visible from the outside. The real model can reveal all the technical specifications and the operating area of ​​the iPhone. On recent devices, users can click on the configuration application in the general guide. Users can click “About” and see the model name that Apple uses to market products at the top. For example, “iPhone 13 mini” or “iPhone SE (3rd generation)” are model names. To know the exact specifications, Apple provides the model number with the model name in Configurations, but the 8 character code shown is not the most useful information. Click this code to display a five-character model number that you use over the local Internet network.

On older devices, the model number may be printed on the back of the iPhone with a slight contrast. In this case, a bottom is useful. On iPhone 8 or later, the model number is also located in the SIM card slot. The model number is located on the top, on the fabric side. After you find the shortest number, go to Apple’s local website on the web. A list of all standard iPhone models is displayed. By clicking the share button and selecting “Search by page”, you can simply enter the model number and jump to the right part of the page. Users can click a link to view the iPhone’s technical specifications.

Users can use the model number of eight characters longer to identify the iPhone’s memory capacity and color. Unfortunately, Apple does not recommend finding this information on its site. However, an internet search usually provides the answer. If your iPhone is stuck, you can see the cores and memory capacity listed in the About Advanced Settings section. Configuring the application is the best way to learn more iphone, Apple’s website is the most reliable source of additional information.

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