How to get free Slab Serif western fonts for WANTED posters

  1. Try These Free Western Fonts
  2. Nashville
  3. perdido
  4. cowboys
  5. Show guide
  6. saddle bag
  7. western movie
  8. Edmund’s upset
  9. typoderm

Try These Free Western Fonts

Western-style fonts are usually serif fonts — some simple, some chic. Square serif fonts are squarer, larger, and bolder than most other serif fonts. The western fonts in this list have been specially chosen to be suitable for creating your own WANTED posters. All of these fonts are available separately online. Many of the letter houses offer collections of western fonts that include these and others similar.

Some western fonts have only capital letters with no punctuation. If you need both uppercase and lowercase letters and punctuation, check out the full font set to make sure the font you want is included.


Nashville is a quintessential Wanted Poster font. This is a problematic serif plate. One caveat – no numbers. If you want to include the reward amount in your poster, you need to get the numbers in a different font. But for the big WANTED at the top of the poster and other text this works fine.


Perdido is another font that screams the Western Wanted poster. Perdido is an uppercase demo font with no numbers or punctuation. It is similar in style to Nashville and Saddlebag, but with a problematic look.


Cowboys is a simple, thick record with serifs. Heavier than the other fonts shown here, it has numbers and punctuation marks. It contains a star the size of Texas, but no lowercase letters.

Show guide

An abbreviated font similar to Cowboys has upper and lower case letters, numbers, and a few punctuation marks.

saddle bag

Wide, slightly decorative with serifs, the saddlebag has upper and lower case letters, numbers, punctuation and characters with accents.

western movie

A slightly nicer western than the Saddlebag, similar to the Perdido but without the problematic look. The font contains upper and lower case letters, numbers and punctuation marks.

Edmund’s upset

Edmunds Distressed is a bit friendlier than other serif fonts, Edmunds comes in regular and distressed jagged versions.


The original Typodermic font, this beautiful neat serif font has upper and lower case letters, numbers and punctuation. It has recently been expanded to include mathematical symbols, fractions and f ligatures, and more punctuation.

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