How to get more space for your Gmail account

  1. Find out what does and doesn’t rank for you on Google
  2. How to buy more space for your Gmail account
  3. Other solutions

Find out what does and doesn’t rank for you on Google

As of 2019, every Google user will get 15GB of free online storage to use with Google Drive and Google Photos, but your Gmail account will also be linked to that. If you find it difficult to delete messages or often receive huge email attachments, you can easily approach this 15 GB limit. When this happens to you, Google is more than willing to sell you extra space on their servers.

How to buy more space for your Gmail account

To see how much Google storage you have left or to buy more, go to the screen Disk Storage in your Google account. Here’s how:

  1. Go to and sign in with your Google account.

  2. Select your image in the top right corner of the Google screen.

  3. Click google account

  4. In section Account Storage you will see how much memory you have used and how much is allocated to your account.

  5. Select storage management † You’ll see how to use storage by type.

  6. If you just want to buy more storage, scroll down to see available storage

    Choose the storage plan you want to buy, or extra options if you want to see more. From there, follow the buying instructions.

  7. If you don’t want to buy more storage and want to see multiple ways to free up your existing storage, select Learn more about managing storage (See screenshot in step 5).

  8. Discover all the options offered for cleaning up your existing storage.

Other solutions

In addition to clearing existing storage space, you have several other ways to get more storage space.

  • If it’s not that important to you to keep all your mail in one place, you can forward it to another postal service. When you do this, make sure to select the option that removes the copy from your Gmail account.

  • Sign up for another Gmail account with 15 GB of storage and send your latest messages there. Then use your current address with the new account.

  • Download your email to your desktop email program and delete it from your Gmail account. Messages stay, but instead of being online and taking up online storage space, you store them on your hard drive or external hard drive, which probably has more than 15GB of free space.

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