Many years of experience on the Internet will allow you to build a decent record on a person. Social network pages, online store accounts, comments left in public news, personal photos will allow you to describe your lifestyle in detail, and sometimes use the data for personal purposes. Consider in order the ways to delete information about yourself on different network resources.


  • a Destruction or deactivation of social media accounts
  • 2 Liquidation of online store accounts
  • 3 How to remove personal data from all Google sites
  • 4 Directly delete personal data from the site
  • 5 Deleting email accounts

Destruction or deactivation of social media accounts

According to statistics, the majority of modern people spend most of their free time scrolling through social media pages:

  • “In contact with”;
  • “Classmates”;
  • Facebook;
  • Twitter;
  • Instagram and others

Online platforms store all the ins and outs of their users, from innocuous photos to personal correspondence.

To clear the pages, you must visit each of them, having recalled the data specified during registration: telephone number, username, e-mail address, password.

The principle of deleting accounts is similar. You need to visit the “Page Settings” section, select the “Delete” item. The system will ask for confirmation of actions by entering a password or entering a code (will be sent by mail or SMS).

It is important to remember all portals where accounts were created. We can already forget the LiveJournals (popular in the 2000s) or the less known foreign social networks: MySpace and others.

Liquidation of online store accounts

Buying products without leaving home is a good alternative to the usual shopping. But don’t forget that during a purchase, we enter a lot of our own data on the sites: information about us (surname, first name), bank details, telephone number, residential address.

To deactivate or delete academic records, you must visit the stores where the purchases were made. In the account settings, select the section on deletion.

Please note that when you plan to shop online in the future, the page cannot be deleted, but temporarily frozen.

How to remove personal data from all Google sites

If you enter your name and surname in the Google search query, you can find out the list of sites where you have already managed to register, the system will display the user’s photo. The same goes for phone numbers. When you enter it, the search engine will show sites that have posted ads, resumes, or other information that requires a phone connection.

To clear all data from Google sites, you must contact the service’s technical support center. In the letter, indicate the purpose of the question, describe why it is necessary to erase information.

There are cases when the resource representatives responded to the user and satisfied his requirements.

Directly delete personal data from the site

Do not forget that all sites on which registration has already been made will help special services. For example,

The online service will scan, based on the information provided, give the result of the pages found on the Internet, and offer to delete them. The convenience of these services is advantageous in that the site itself erases user information.

An alternative would be to manually delete accounts from each site. To do this, you must establish a connection with the domain administrator and request the deletion of your data.

Deleting email accounts

When the above manipulations are completed, the last remains – disabling the e-mail box. Just enter the mail and find the “Delete” button in the settings.

Services allow you not only to get rid of boxes, but also to freeze them, disabling them for a certain time. Consider carefully which option is most needed.

As you can see, withdrawing from the Internet is not that easy. It will take a lot of time and nerves. But when the goals in this direction are achieved, you can start from scratch, without worrying that there is something superfluous in open access.