How to get paid by bobinas on Instagram (game bonus and ads)

Instagram Reels is a cool alternative to TikTok – partly because it allows creators to pay for their videos. Since the rise of TikTok in the last two years, it’s interesting to look at other social applications that try to emulate your success. Snapchat launched Snapchat Spotlight, YouTube launched YouTube Shorts, and Instagram now offers Instagram Reels.

Again, Instagram Reels is one of the most complete alternatives to TikTok. It’s easily accessible in the main Instagram app, streaming new videos is as easy as it is on TikTok, and you can create your own Instagram roles with just the touch of a button. The best part? Instagram pays certain Reels creators for the videos they send.

Being paid per video content is not a new concept in 2022. YouTube allows users to monetize videos over the years, TikTok has its own payment program, and you can get paid for live broadcasts on Twitch. Embora cannot be instant, you can also get paid for videos sent to Instagram Reels. Instagram has two basic payment programs for Reels content, and if you qualify for both or just one, paying on Instagram Reels is easier than you think.

The first (and most common) way to pay on Instagram Reels is with the Play Bonus Reels. The Play Bonus allows you to pay directly on Instagram after your Reels videos have received a certain number of views over a certain period of time. You have 30 days to complete the play bonus and receive the meta-visualization that Instagram has defined for you.

There are two rewards to win game bonuses. First, you must have had at least 1,000 reel views in the past 30 days. Second, you can only earn Google Play bonuses if Instagram or you are invited to join the program. You will see a popup in the Instagram application once you are selected to participate. If you’ve got enough visuals, but you’re not invited to the Play Bonus program, you’ll need to post your invite and wait.

How much can you expect to receive the Reels Play Bonus on Instagram? This will vary considerably depending on the game bonus you receive. Nov 2021, some Reels users will report earning US$1,200 for 1 million views – and up to US$35,000 for 58 million views. As of April 2022, Instagram is now demanding 11 million views for $1,200 and 359 million views for a massive payout of $35,000.

Finally, Instagram Reels users with more followers can still earn more. In addition to getting the best playback bonus, some users can also qualify to place ads on their reel videos. Earn money for ads that require a minimum of 10,000 followers, five (or more) reel videos, and 600,000 minutes of views in the last 60 days. If you choose to place ads with your videos or just want to focus on Google Play bonuses, these are all ways you can get paid Instagram carretel.

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