Squeaky windshield wipers are a common occurrence that every vehicle owner faces. Some are convinced that the problem lies in the mechanism used. However, in practice this may be the wrong opinion. There are several options to get out of this situation.

Reasons for the appearance of a creak

There are several reasons that can cause squeaking during the operation of the windshield wipers. The main ones are considered to be:

  • it is possible to buy low-quality products;
  • the motorist during installation did not completely break the locking mechanism. It often happens that the installation work was carried out in a hurry, which led to negative consequences;
  • the motorist did not clean the windshield before installation. As a result, there is a loose fit due to dust. It should be noted that this is the main factor in the manifestation of squeaks;
  • the presence of an increased probability of failure of the wiper mechanism – it is necessary to determine when the last replacement was made.

Whatever the reasons that resulted in the appearance of a squeak, it is strongly recommended that you familiarize yourself with the options for fixing the problem. Thanks to this, in many situations it is possible to eliminate the need for replacement, which leads to a certain economic benefit for many motorists.

Tips for eliminating squeaks

Initially, it is extremely important to approach with maximum responsibility the determination of the cause of the squealing during the operation of the wiper, and only on the basis of the diagnostic results, to proceed to the correction of the situation. You need to know that incorrect actions can lead to a rapid failure of the mechanism with the ensuing consequences.

Important: If the wipers were purchased recently, and the squeak begins to appear after the installation is completed, there is a high probability of purchasing low-quality products or there is a loose fit of the eraser directly on the windshield.

Top recommendations for fixing a squeak include:

  • it is strongly recommended to wipe the windshield of existing pronounced contaminants, especially adhering dirt and dust. To do this, the best option would be to use specialized cleaning products designed for cars;
  • if, according to the results of the preliminary cleaning of the windshield, the situation has not improved, it is strongly recommended to carry out the procedure for checking the clamps. It is necessary, if necessary, to lock up to the stop;
  • replacement of brushes. It is rightly considered an extreme exit measure from the current situation. To avoid negative consequences, the best solution would be to choose another manufacturer. The overall method is the complete replacement of the windshield wipers. In this case, it is recommended to pay attention to models from Bosch, Hallo, Valeo. A distinctive feature is considered excellent value for money. Numerous opinions of motorists are official confirmation of this.

Whatever the reasons, each motorist is able to determine the breakdown and find an alternative solution to the problem on their own. Accordingly, you do not need to seek help from experienced gas stations, which allows you to confidently talk about additional economic benefits. The main thing is to take a responsible approach to the process in order to avoid typical mistakes with the subsequent failure of the mechanism as a whole.