How to get something printed

  1. Desktop and Commercial Printing Methods
  2. Print to desktop printer
  3. Print with a commercial printing service
  4. Color print
  5. Type faster
  6. print text
  7. Print images
  8. Print photo
  9. Print / PDF
  10. Print web page
  11. print Screen
  12. Printing on special surfaces
  13. print money

Desktop and Commercial Printing Methods

Of the many definitions of printing we are most concerned about in desktop publishing, these are the printing methods that use a desktop printer, high-speed printer, or printing press to print documents such as books, letters, postcards, photo reports, magazines or posters on paper or different type of surface.

Printing is easy, right? Just click the “Print” button in your software or browser. Sometimes this can be good, but there are times when you need more control over how you type. Learn how to print faster, how to print with a desktop printer, how to print files commercially, how to print photos, and how to print in color.

Print to desktop printer

Most homes with a computer have some sort of inkjet or laser printer. Preparing and printing files on a desktop printer is generally less complicated than commercial printing.

Some steps you may need to take before or after clicking print:

  1. Calibrate your desktop printer for the best color printing.

  2. Correct the paper jam.

Print with a commercial printing service

While commercial printing includes some inkjet and laser printing techniques, most commercial printing techniques typically require very specific file preparation or prepress tasks. This is especially true for offset printing and other methods that use printing plates and presses.

Use these guidelines for commercial printing:

  • Prepare the layout.

  • Prepare digital files

  • Provide a ready-made artwork to your printer.

  • Use a preliminary checklist.

Color print

Photos can contain millions of colors. But most desktop printers and presses can only print a few colors of ink. So how do you get all those vibrant color photos with just a few inks? Even if you only have one or two colors for images or text, color printing requires special preparation, whether it’s from a desktop or a printing press. And while commercial color printing can be expensive, there are ways to save money and still get all the color you want. Or get color without color printing.

Type faster

When it comes to printing speed for your inkjet or laser printer, there are many variables to consider. The printer performance (per minute) advertised by the printer manufacturer is an estimate. Inkjet printers are slower than laser printers. Printing in one color is usually faster than printing in full color. The more photos on a page, the longer it will take to print. The higher the print quality you set, the longer it will take to print a page. If you are only printing test documents, set the quality to a lower value for faster printing until you are ready to print the final version. One way to print faster on a printer is to print in draft mode.

print text

What looks good on screen doesn’t necessarily look good on print. The text should be legible when it turns into small ink spots on the page. Choose body text fonts that look good on paper. Use caution when using knockout or reverse treatments. Words can be harder to read if you don’t use the right fonts, colors, and size.

Print images

Many images on the web are low-resolution GIFs. There are several tricks you can use to print low-resolution images. Some images on the Internet are intended for printing. Learn how to print images from your browser window.

Print photo

Do you have a photo. Do you want a print. Open it in your software and just hit the print button, right? Perhaps. But if you want a photo to look good, be a certain size, be just a part of an image, or have it printed on a printing press, then you need to know more and do more.

Print / PDF

You can print a PDF file just like you would print almost any type of document. However, if you are preparing a PDF for desktop or commercial printing, there are certain settings and options that you will want to use.

Check out these lessons:

  • Print only the selected part of the PDF file.

  • How the subset of fonts affects viewing, editing, and printing a PDF file.

Print web page

If you want everything on one page, you can print a web page in 4 easy steps. But first you can see if the site has a link or a button Print this page .This often creates a printable version of the page and sends it directly to your default printer. If you only want part of the page, use the print selector to print only what you want from the web page.

print Screen

Print Screen button ( Prt Scr ) on the keyboard does not send what you see on the monitor to the printer. It captures the screen (takes a screenshot) as an image. If that’s what you’re looking for, it’s easy to use the Print Screen key in Windows. If you have Windows Vista, the Snipping Tool works even better. Before pressing the Prt Scr button or using screen capture software, if you are going to print screen captures on paper, you should take certain steps to ensure that the screen captures look good when printed.

Printing on special surfaces

Of course, most of it is printed on some kind of paper. But you can also print on fabric. There are several desktop printers that allow you to print directly to CD or DVD. If you want to have a commercially printed CD printed, it’s good to know how to do it and the limitations you face when designing for CD printing.

Also see:

  • Tips for preparing to print on transfer paper.

  • Create and print transparent materials for scrapbooking.

  • Tips and materials for printing on canvas.

print money

Intaglio printing is used for American paper money. But you can use any printing method to print your own money – sort of. There are certain steps you need to take to legally design and print paper money photos.

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