How To Hide Your Instagram Activity Status So No One Knows You Are Online

Instagram Make it easier for users to hide their followers’ activity status. company The Active Status resource, introduced in 2018, allows users to know when the last person they follow is active. In a recent update, Instagram developed this resource by adding a section to the DM section to show who is online. Some users may find this a helpful resource, which may be annoying to others. All in all, Instagram tries to keep users social and connected to its platform for as long as possible.

Instagram has turned into a photo sharing application on an entire social network, which is why Meta, which has that, offers more social resources. But some of these resources, such as activity status, may not be for everyone. This option can also compromise the user’s privacy, allowing unsuspecting people to discover when the user is online. Fortunately, it can be easily disabled by any user.

Instagram The Active Status option is enabled by default. This means that the people the user is following can know if the user is online. The same goes for people on the mailing list. If disabled, a user’s followers won’t be able to see it online. Also, the “Activate Now” resource will disappear from the DM section. It is important to note that users who disable this resource will not be able to see the final displayed or online/offline status of other people, such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

The first step to turn off the active status on Instagram is to access the settings by clicking the menu icon (three lines) in the top right corner, after clicking configuration. Then on the settings page, select “Privacy, and then Active state. In this Instagram settings section, users can manage the two basic settings for their activity status. The first option is: show the status of the activityIf this option is disabled, no one will be able to know when a user is online, or even when he or she was last seen, and users will not be able to see their next status as described above.

The second option, called Show when you are active togetherA little different as it only allows users to view live chat while the other party is also online. This option is separate from the general system.Active status option allows the user to activate it or disable the first option. Unfortunately, social media networks are not the safest place, especially for teens and young people. Instagram It offers dual controls, security and privacy related options that every user should pay close attention to in order to enjoy a safe online experience.

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