How to hide your last viewed status on WhatsApp

Se whatsapp users don’t feel free to share their ‘last seen’ status, they can turn it off or hide it completely. Meta’s instant messaging platform allows users to adjust their privacy settings in a way that makes them feel more secure. For example, users can control who can add them to groups on WhatsApp. There are also other resources, such as point-to-point cryptography and two-factor authentication, that make the platform more secure. While the first prevents intruders from receiving messages, the second adds an extra layer of security to a user’s account.

Currently, messaging platforms have become a daily means of communication for thousands of users around the world. WhatsApp has more than two billion active users and people who use the platform to keep in touch with friends and loved ones, to manage their attribution or professional skills. However, managing all these things in one place can be complicated, and hiding the last view status from other people on WhatsApp can help you focus on one step every now and then.

The ‘Last seen’ or ‘Online’ status allows other people to know when someone last used WhatsApp and is currently using the application. On the official support page, the platform makes it clear that the contacts listed as ‘Online’ have opened the application on the first page. In other words, they are actively using WhatsApp even though they don’t read messages from other users. On the other hand, ‘Last seen’ informs users about the last activity of the contacts. At the last watch time, a logo will appear under the contact’s name in a pop-up window when the contact is not using WhatsApp.

Some users may not want their last watch time to be publicly visible or to all their contacts on the platform. To hide “Last Seen” in WhatsApp, Android and iOS users need to navigate to the Configurations section of the application. For Android users, this can be found by tapping the three-dot menu in the top right corner of the home screen. iOS users can directly access the Configurations menu in the lower right corner of the Home screen. Once in Configurations, click on account Followed by Privacy to find View Settings for the last time. WhatsApp offers three options for users to choose from: Everything, My contactse Ninguem† Se todos before selection, the last hour of visualization is visible to all users on the platform. To hide ultimate status from unknown people, define it as My contacts† You can also set for Ninguem it will hide the last time you see it all.

It’s important to note that if users don’t share the last time you went on WhatsApp, they won’t be able to see when other contacts last stayed online. In any case, for those who want to hide this information, you can adjust the privacy settings in consultation. If a user appears to have found a malicious account, whatsappthey have to find it, block it immediately and not even hide your viewing status for the last time.

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