How to hide your WhatsApp status updates from specific contacts

Users can hide theirs whatsapp Status updates for specific contacts or show them only for selected contacts. The application offers various privacy settings so that users can control the information they share with other people on the platform. For example, users can hide your “Last seen” status on WhatsApp. Likewise, anyone can also block access to the profile picture and background area. If users don’t want to talk to anyone, they can directly block WhatsApp contact.

Meta’s instant messaging platform also operates under advanced privacy control of “last seen” state where users can hide their selected contact activities on the platform. Also, the recently announced application expects a community resource, which allows multiple groups to meet. Along with the Communities, WhatsApp has also unveiled its massive 2GB data sharing limit. If all goes according to plan, he will be launching all of these resources for regular users in the coming months.

Whatsapp Status allows users to share a photo, video or even a GIF that disappears after 24 hours, such as Instagram Stories. The user’s status is only visible when the user publishes the status and the person you are viewing is on another person’s contact list. In this way, the platform guarantees that any content a user shares as Status is only shared with known people. However, in certain circumstances, users may want to hide their WhatsApp status updates from specific contacts on their devices.

To change WhatsApp’s public status, users need to change its privacy settings. First, users need to open the status guide on the original fabric. Users can do this by clicking to close the screen (Android) or by clicking Status in the bottom button to close the screen (iOS). Android users should then tap the three-dot menu at the top of the screen and select ‘Status Privacy’. For iPhone users, the ‘Privacy’ option is located in the top left corner. When users stay in the menu, they see three options: ‘My contacts’, ‘My contacts, excluding’ and ‘Share to’Select ‘My Contacts’ to share a status update with all contacts saved by the user.

If users cannot access their WhatsApp status updates from specific contacts, they should select ‘My contacts, exceto’ and highlight the contacts in the menu that appears. The third and final option, ‘Sometimes Share with’, share a status update with specific contacts. Users can tap the option and select contacts from the menu to follow. This option is especially useful if users are reluctant to share an update that they respect only some of their connections. Now it’s important to remember that they should change their privacy settings before sharing a status. For example, whatsapp share status updates with all contacts.

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