How to Import Contacts from CSV File to Outlook

  1. Your contact table in Excel can be added in a few steps
  2. Import contacts from CSV file to Outlook
  3. Import contacts to

Your contact table in Excel can be added in a few steps

Contact information stored in a database or spreadsheet can be easily imported into Outlook. Outlook offers a simple method.

The instructions in this article apply to Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010; Outlook for Office 365 and

Import contacts from CSV file to Outlook

Export contact information in a database or spreadsheet program to a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file. Make sure the columns have meaningful headings, although they don’t have to exactly match the fields used in the Outlook Address Book. You can manually map columns to fields during the import process.

The screenshots below are for Outlook 2016. The screens in other versions of Outlook may be slightly different, but the steps are the same. Any options for older versions are listed.

  1. Go to File .

  2. Select Open and Export . Select in Outlook 2010 Open .

  3. Select Import Export . In Outlook 2010, click Import .

  4. V import and export wizard select Import from another program or file and then select Further .

  5. Select Comma separated values and then select Further .

  6. Select Overview and then find the CSV file containing the contacts you want to import.

    If you use Gmail, export your Gmail contacts to a CSV file and then import your Gmail contacts to Outlook.

  7. Choose one of the following:

    • Do not import duplicate items .
    • Replace duplicates with imported elements . If the data in the CSV file is more recent or complete, this may be a better choice.
    • Allow duplicate creation . If duplicates have been created, you can always find and delete them, for example with the duplicate removal tool.
  8. Select Further .

  9. Select the Outlook folder into which you want to import contacts. This could be your Contacts folder or the Contacts folder in one of your other folders. You can also create an Outlook folder only for imported items.

  10. Select Further .

  11. Select Map with custom fields .

  12. Map all columns from the CSV file to the appropriate fields in your Outlook Address Book. Outlook automatically maps some fields; change them if they don’t display correctly.

    To assign a field, drag Meaning to the right field .

  13. Select Okay and then select Finished to start the import process.

Import contacts to

You can also upload a CSV file of your contacts to The process differs slightly between software versions.

  1. Open Application Launcher and choose People .

  2. Select Check > Import contacts .

  3. Select Overview .

  4. Select the CSV file and then select Open .

  5. In the dialog box Import contacts select Import .

  6. Your contacts have been downloaded and imported into your email account.

  7. When the process is complete, select close to .

  8. You can find new contacts in your Outlook address book.

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