How to Import Windows or Outlook Express Mail to Gmail

  1. Transfer your emails to Gmail with these easy steps
  2. Import other emails into Gmail
  3. How it works?

Transfer your emails to Gmail with these easy steps

You can copy all your emails to Gmail if you prefer to use the Gmail website or the mobile message reading app. For example, if you have messages in Outlook Express that you want to copy to Gmail, all you need to do is select them and copy them to your Gmail account.

To do this, you must first set up Gmail in your email client so that it appears along with the other email accounts you have set up. Once all your accounts are next to your Gmail account, transferring email is as simple as dragging and dropping.

Remark † The following steps work regardless of the email service you use in your email client. This means that you can copy messages to Gmail from another Gmail account, or from a Yahoo, Hotmail, and other account.

Import other emails into Gmail

You can transfer emails from other email accounts to Gmail by setting up your account in your email program (eg Windows Mail, Outlook Express, Outlook) and then choosing which emails to copy.

  • Sign in to Gmail using Windows Mail or Outlook Express.

    • Make sure to use your Gmail IMAP settings when creating your account.

  • Open the email account that contains the emails you want to transfer to Gmail.

  • Select all the messages you want to copy to Gmail.

You can select several at a time by holding down the key ctrl when you click on individual emails. Use the hotkey to transfer multiple emails at once from a folder Ctrl+A to select them all.

  • Hold down a key ctrl drag the group of flagged messages to a folder in your Gmail account.

    • For example, to copy email messages to a folder All emails Gmail, put the messages in a folder with that name.

    • It’s a good idea to keep sent emails in the same folder in Gmail to avoid confusion later. To copy sent messages to Gmail, select the emails in Sent from Outlook Express or Windows Mail and copy them to Sent in Gmail.

Another way to copy emails to Gmail is to right-click on one of the selected messages and click . to click Copy to folder then select a folder in your Gmail account to which you want to copy messages.

If you want to create a new folder in Gmail for these migrated emails, you can. You only need to do this before copying messages to Gmail.

If you don’t hold the key ctrl emails are moved to Gmail instead of copied.

If all the messages you’ve imported into Gmail are marked as unread, you can quickly mark them as read so they don’t clutter your Gmail account.

While not as smooth, an alternative method is to use Thunderbird. To do this, you must first import messages from Outlook Express or Windows Mail to Thunderbird and then copy the Thunderbird messages to Gmail.

How it works?

As long as your Gmail account is set up to communicate with the Gmail IMAP server, everything you do with Gmail on your computer will sync with the online version at As a result, any emails you copy to Gmail from other accounts will be downloaded to your online version of Gmail.

The next time you read Gmail messages from the Gmail mobile app or website, you’ll see the same messages that were previously stored only in Outlook Express or Windows Mail.

However, keep in mind that if you copy your messages to Gmail, not all future messages in your other accounts will be copied to Gmail. In addition to manually copying all new messages to Gmail every time they come in, you can set up your email client to automatically forward messages to Gmail, or set up Gmail to check email from other accounts.

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