How to improve the privacy of hiding your photos from strangers on Facebook

facebook Users who don’t want strangers to see their photos or albums can keep them private. It is one of the many privacy options that Facebook offers and can be activated via the site or mobile app on Android and iOS. Users can hide their personal photos or internal profiles from the public, specific friends or anyone.

As part of its privacy options, Facebook also allows users to hide their Facebook profiles from strangers to prevent unsolicited interactions and completely block their profiles to keep all personal information private. Privacy has been a controversial topic for Facebook several times, the platform offers users several options to keep them safe.

Hide Facebook Take a photo with your smartphone, open the app and tap the hamburger menu (three parallel lines). It’s in the top right corner for Android and in the bottom right corner for iOS. On the menu page, click the account’s profile name to go to the profile page. Remove role below and click photo† On the photo page, browse here Send guide and select the photos you want to take. Click the three-dot menu button in the top right corner of the image. From the pop-up menu, select editorial privacy ou Edit Shipping Privacy† On the next canvas, selection view more Check out all available options and the school where you can see the photo. friends Make it visible to all friends and family while hiding from strangers, or good friends Select a specific friend to hide it. To hide it from everyone, including friends and family, select only me.The settings are saved automatically.

Facebook users can also view albums of strangers. Browse here cardapiocontourphoto as before, selection Photo album guide to SendNow select the album you want to hide and click the three-dot menu button in the top right corner of the album page. In the pop-up menu, click To adjust Then touch the current audience of the album to change the configuration.exist editorial privacy page, selection friends it’s only visible to Facebook friends, or good friends Save specific people. To hide it from all users (including friends), select only me options.

To hide Facebook photos from the site, log into Facebook and click on your profile name in the top right corner. Now navigate to photo aba e clique Your photo on the next page. Select the photo you want to keep private. When the photo opens in a large window, click the three-dot menu button in the top right corner Public publishing ou Public publication of postingThe Facebook site allows users to opt for more granular audience control. friendsgood friendse only meand some other privacy options. specific friends However, allows users to specify who can view photos tailored It allows users to include and exclude friends and personalized friend lists.

To create an internal album on the Facebook site, go to contourphoto as before, selection Photo album replacement Your photo† inside Photo album guide, find the album you want to hide and click the three-dot menu button in the top right corner to select the album thumbnail. From the pop-up menu that opens, select Edit album† In the hidden sidebar, click on the album’s current audience and select the appropriate audience in the next window. As with the photos, users can choose friends good friendsspecific, personalized friends, ou only me To define the album’s completely Open the pop-up menu and click on it Ointment Closed sidebar button to save new privacy settings facebook

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