Do you want to protect your car more against collisions with cars moving behind you, but you don’t know how? Fixing a third stop is the best solution. The device will light up, mimicking the main factory signals, warning motorists in advance of your intentions to stop or slow down.


  • a What is needed for this
  • 2 Installation methods
    • 2.1 Back window
    • 2.2 Spoiler or bumper

What is needed for this

To realize the plan, it is necessary to decide on the method of installation and purchase the necessary materials.

You can install an additional headlight in several places:

  • on the bumper
  • on the spoiler
  • inside the car, near or on the rear window.

The last option is considered the most optimal:

  • the lighting device does not get dirty;
  • it does not receive dirt, precipitation.

The principle of “stopping” the equipment will be different from the installation site. But the choice belongs only to the motorist. The main thing is that it should not obstruct visibility, have optimal brightness and not dazzle drivers of moving cars from behind.

For installation you will need:

  • the headlight itself is a brake light. You can buy it in any store or car market. The kit, as a rule, includes wires for connection (plus and minus);
  • alcohol or any other antiseptic if the stopper sticks to the surface of the glass;
  • clean cloth;
  • Velcro (double-sided tape) or backing for secure stability.
  • drill (in case of choosing a bracket, to fix it on the rear parcel shelf of the car);
  • several screws;
  • additional wires to provide the required length and connect the device to the overall circuit.

When the components are ready, you can proceed to simple assembly.

Installation methods

Consider how to properly install a brake light in any selected part of the vehicle.

Back window

When choosing a glass mount using double-sided tape, it is necessary to clean the surfaces of the glass and the device with a cloth, preferably using a disinfectant, apply Velcro and press firmly.

If a bracket has been selected, fastening is carried out using a drill. Holes are drilled in the shelf through which the bracket with the illuminator will be installed with fixing bolts.

In this case, the wires are connected according to the device diagram, to the terminals where the factory brake lights are connected. You can find the scheme of a particular car in the instruction manual.

Spoiler or bumper

After choosing this method, it is important to stock up on a good supply of yarn. Fix the illuminator with self-tapping screws and carefully hide the wires so that they do not hang down.

Be careful, mounting a headlight on a spoiler is not always possible because some of them are made of a material that can deform when in contact with self-tapping screws.

In the same way, you can install not only brake lights, but also other additional lights:

  • dimensions;
  • headlights;
  • lamps that reproduce turn signals.

The main thing is to follow the instructions for using the devices, install them in safe places, firmly securing them.

By carrying out basic actions, using the simplest materials, you can secure your car and reduce the risk of accidents. Well-marked legs and dimensions, especially in winter and in conditions of insufficient visibility, will save the driver from unnecessary trouble and make movement as comfortable as possible.