How to Install GIMP Themes

  1. Refresh the look of your favorite photo editor
  2. Extract theme files
  3. Copy the theme folder to the GIMP installation folder
  4. Switch to a different theme in GIMP

Refresh the look of your favorite photo editor

Themes can be applied to the GIMP image editor to change the look of the entire program. You can change the GIMP theme in the window Change Institutions in the region of Couple Subject

The menus and functionality won’t change, but the new look will give it a fresh look and maybe even spark some creativity or make editing easier. Some GIMP themes are designed to change the color of the interface, while others are designed to mimic other programs like Adobe Photoshop.

However, only a few themes are included with GIMP by default, and the official GIMP website does not offer theme downloads. If you can’t find the theme you’re looking for with the online search, try searching or GitHub.

Extract theme files

GIMP themes contain multiple files, so they are always downloaded in an archive, often a ZIP file. You must extract the contents of the archive before you can apply the theme to GIMP.

  1. Locate the archive on your computer.

  2. Right click on it and select Unpack everything

  3. Choose a location to extract the files and click Extract

Copy the theme folder to the GIMP installation folder

Since the GIMP theme has been extracted from the archive and is ready to use, it must be copied to the appropriate folder in the GIMP installation folder so that the program will recognize it when it comes time to select a theme.

  1. Copy the extracted folder. For example, if the files were extracted to a folder called gimp dark right click on it and select To copy

    Because of the way some themes are packaged, Windows can create a folder with the theme’s name and another folder in it with the same name (for example, gimp dark in another folder). folder named gimp dark † Copy the innermost folder closest to the files.

  2. Open folder themes GIMP is located here: C:Program FilesGIMP 2sharegimp2.0themes

    Linux users should post their topics in /usr/share/gimp/2.0/themes/

  3. Right click on an empty space in the folder and click Insert

If Windows asks you to enter credentials for an administrator account, click Get on † Linux users must either enter administrator credentials after clicking the button Insert or use sudo from the command line.

Switch to a different theme in GIMP

GIMP themes are listed under: Subject GIMP Settings. There you can select any installed theme to apply in the program.

Close GIMP and reopen it if it was open in the previous steps. If the program remains active during copy/paste, it will not display themes in the settings.

  1. Click Change in the menu bar.

  2. Select Institutions in the next menu.

  3. Select Subject in the left pane right below the heading Couple

  4. Choose the theme you want to use with GIMP.

    Topics populate automatically, so you can click through the list to see how each one builds up the program.

  5. Click Okay complete.

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