How to keep your iPhone’s earphone levels from damaging your ears

iphone users who listen to music at high volume on a pair of connected listening phones may damage their hearing over time, but Apple offers a way to adjust the audio levels. iPhones, when combined with high-end audio phones, can be an audiophile’s best friends. Listening to moving music at a high volume can be pleasurable and immersive, especially when the sound is directed directly into the ear canal, blocking out external sound indefinitely.

In an effort to address potential hearing problems among its large user base, Apple is making updates to its products that promote better listening skills. The AirPods Pro and AirPods Max — two of Apple’s two wireless Bluetooth headphones — are equipped with active noise canceling agents that improve and control sound quality. The iPhone also comes with several settings that users can activate to help them manually monitor the listening phone usage while listening to the device and make sure the audio levels aren’t too high.

iPhone users can quickly check their audio levels on the listening phone through the Control Center. Open this to enable this source definitions followed, tap Control Center† Certify Audition is listed in Controls included† If not, find him More Controls and tap the ‘+’ icon next to it. With the earphones plugged in and activated, play a small amount of audio and open the Control Center by clicking in the upper right corner of the fabric below. Finally touch it Audition (orelha icon). The audio levels of the two listening phones should be displayed at the headset level in decibels (dB). The risk of extreme hearing damage can be delayed if hearing is kept below a recommended level of 80 dB for a total of up to 40 hours over a seven-day period.

Added statistics regarding an iPhone user’s listening phone usage over time can also be analyzed by the Health application. After launching Health, tap navegar in the lower right corner of the canvas and school Audition† Touch Listening audio levels from the phone† This page allows users to view the display levels (in dB) over a period of time by touching the guides on the top of the fabric. The displayed time interval can be changed by flashing the graph to write or send. To see a line representing a user’s media view, click Exhibition

Tap on . to see more audio related songs Show more data† bater daily media to see a graph of a user’s media view, then Alcance to explore high quality audio and stream low. Users can filter data on phones frequently used with iPhone – in Filter by earphone typecreate one of the two listed devices to view the associated data.

iPhone users should regularly check their auditory data through the Health app to ensure that their auditory abilities are not adversely affecting hearing function. A readable and easy summary of the data of the phone’s available audio levels can be studied while touching show everything on the side of destaques† The levels are divided into daily, weekly and monthly statistics, all accompanied by a sentence that clearly compares their media. Likewise, users can also activate mobile phone notifications to let them know when the volume is about to be reduced. iphone and competition out Reduce high noise source to manually set a volume limit for the listening phone.

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