How to make a background image transparent in PowerPoint

  1. Using PowerPoint to remove the background
  2. Using PowerPoint to remove the background
  3. Make one color transparent

Using PowerPoint to remove the background

Removing the background from an image in PowerPoint makes that part of the image transparent, allowing you to show everything behind the image, such as text or a different color or image. This is useful if you want your photos to blend seamlessly into the background of your slides.

The instructions in this article apply to PowerPoint 2019, PowerPoint 2016, PowerPoint 2013, PowerPoint 2010, PowerPoint for Office 365, PowerPoint 2016 for Mac, and PowerPoint for Mac 2011.

Using PowerPoint to remove the background

When the background of an image is a solid color, it is easy to remove it so that only the main image is shown.

  1. Open your PowerPoint presentation and navigate to the image slide to which you want to apply a transparent background.

  2. Select an image. New tab added to PowerPoint Picture Tools Format

    If you have multiple images on a slide and cannot select the image you want to work with, right-click one of the images at the top and select Send back to temporarily eliminate them.

  3. Go to Image Tools Layout and choose Remove background. Select in PowerPoint for Mac Image format and choose Remove background.

    PowerPoint colors the image pink to indicate parts it believes are the background.

  4. To control which parts of the image are kept and which areas are made transparent, select Mark areas to save or Mark areas for removal to indicate which parts of the photo should remain or be removed. Then draw a line around the area in the image.

    Use in PowerPoint for Mac What to keep? or What to remove?

  5. Select Saving Changes to apply the changes.

Sometimes the image is more or less transparent than we would like. If yes, repeat the above steps. PowerPoint saves all your changes and even lets you revert to the original opaque version.

To save your edited image for use elsewhere, right-click on it and select Save as image to save an image with a transparent background to your computer.

Make one color transparent

There is another way to make a solid color in an image transparent. For example, you can make the white background transparent.

  1. Select an image and go to Picture Tools Format

  2. Select Colour to display a list of color options and select Set transparent color

  3. Select the area of ​​the image whose color you want to make transparent.

Removing objects from an image or removing a solid color is best for images that consist of simple colors, such as pictures or cartoonish photos. Photos and other complex images with multiple subjects and similar color tones are difficult to edit in this way.

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