When performing various repair or construction works, laying, installing communication systems, it often becomes necessary to drill holes in pipes made of plastic, metal or any material such as cast iron. It should be noted that you can perform such work even at home with your own hands, without using expensive or specialized tools.


  • a Selection of tools
  • 2 Drilling of metal pipes
  • 3 How to drill a hole in a cast iron pipe
  • four How to make a hole in a plastic pipe
  • 5 Service request

Selection of tools

To drill a hole in the surface of the pipe, you will need an electric drill, as well as a drill of the appropriate diameter. It should be noted that in the market, for performing such tasks, special drilling equipment (small machines) are sold, which allows even an inexperienced user to quickly, efficiently and most importantly make holes of various diameters in products made from different materials. .


To make a hole in the pipe yourself, you will need the following materials and tools:

  • Electric drill;
  • a set of drills (for processing metal products, it is recommended to purchase drills in the manufacture of which high-carbon steel was used);
  • vice (this device is necessary for reliable and rigid fixation);
  • filing (this hand tool may be needed if it becomes necessary to widen the previously made cut);
  • hammer and core (used to make notches).

To fix the used drill in the position required for drilling, you can use a special homemade jig. This model is made from wooden bars. Its profile, on the outside, should be M-shaped, where the center will completely coincide with the axis of the pipe being processed.

When performing work, the pipe must be securely fixed on a vice. Also, when using power tools, in accordance with safety rules, it is recommended to wear special safety glasses, as well as earplugs and gloves.

Drilling of metal pipes

Metal pipes are an indispensable and frequently used building material, which is actively used in the laying of various water supply systems, the installation of heating pipelines and gas pipeline systems. In addition, they are indispensable for repair and construction work.

In metal products, holes are drilled using special drills and an electric drill. It should be noted that in this case, when performing work, the electric drill should operate at low speeds. Also, during the drilling process, the drill should be periodically cleaned of chips accumulated on its surface. Otherwise, if a large amount of chips accumulates, it may get stuck.

When drilling metal products, it is recommended to use a lubricant. In this case, machine oil is suitable. When working with copper pipes, you should use a soapy emulsion.

How to drill a hole in a cast iron pipe

Cast iron is a metal whose main component is iron to which carbon has been added. Cast-iron pipes are the most popular products that are actively used in the laying of sewage systems, as well as water supply networks.

When processing cast iron, it is recommended to equip the room with a reliable ventilation system, as well as wear a respirator for respiratory protection. The cast iron pipes are equipped with a very resistant hardened coating. Therefore, before proceeding to their drilling, this coating must be removed. To do this, use an ordinary pencil sharpener and process the area that is planned to be pierced with it.

How to make a hole in a plastic pipe

The easiest way to process plastic pipes. Before drilling, the plastic pipe must be firmly fixed. This is necessary so that in the future, when performing work, it will not be deformed. You need to make a hole in the plastic with an electric drill, at low speed. After the hole is made, it should be cleaned with high quality. To do this, you can use a file or an ordinary knife.

Service request

The work associated with making holes is carried out in the same general order, regardless of the material from which the pipe is made (metal, plastic or cast iron). To make a hole correctly:

  1. Secure the pipe in a vice. You need to fix it exactly where the hole will be drilled.
  2. Apply markup.
  3. On the made markup, in its center, you need to make a special notch that will not allow the drill to slip to the sides. To apply a notch, you need to use a hammer and a core.

When performing work, the drill must be in a strictly vertical position relative to the surface to be treated. This is due to the fact that under strong transverse load it can fail (break).

To make a large diameter hole in a metal surface, you will need a special crown for an electric drill. However, as an alternative, in this case, you can alternately use drills of different diameters.

In some cases, the craftsman may need a square hole. To make a square hole on the surface, you can use an ordinary drill and file. First you need to make a cut in the surface to be treated, then sand it with a file.

Alternatively, you can also use a special nozzle to perform this task. In such a nozzle, the cutting edge has the shape of a Reuleaux triangle. Such equipment allows the user to quickly make a square-shaped hole, with regular and parallel edges with respect to each other.