Do you have a grinder, but the key set is limited? It does not matter: with the help of a simple device, you can make a universal key from it. Let’s see how to do it using improvised materials.

To craft the device, you need the following materials:

  • steel strip;
  • bolts;
  • nuts;
  • Bulgarian;
  • grinding disc;
  • vice;
  • marker pen;
  • drill;
  • Screwdriver

First you need to use a grinder to cut two blanks from a steel strip. Round off all edges with a flap wheel.


It turns out blanks on which you need to apply markings for drilling.

Clamping the workpiece in a vice, drill holes. First, a thin drill is used for this, then M4.

Using a bolt and nut, connect the two parts. Assemble the hooks from the bolts (a lock nut is pre-screwed on one of them. The part is ready for testing.

It can be used for various purposes, but mostly it is used to unscrew specific types of nuts. You can also create several types of such devices.

You can also make a wooden product. To do this, use any solid wood (dense plywood is better). In general, the sequence of actions is the same. First, drill holes in the workpiece, using the angle grinder for marking. Trim the excess and round the piece.

Then mark the places to drill the holes and drill them with a smaller diameter drill, then cut the thread. Thus, the connection will be more reliable. Then you have to screw the nuts on the bolts if they are too long. After completing the work, you need to do the final grinding. The result is a solid key for the grinder.

The next adaptation can be done in about half an hour. In a key of 30, mark the center and cut an opening there. Insert the drill key into the groove and solder it. On the reverse side you need to cut off everything superfluous. Then attach a nut and drill a hole. Insert two bolts into the holes and weld.

The result is a very good and useful homemade product, which will undoubtedly come in handy in the household. It is suitable for a grinder and for a drill.

Making a homemade key for a home workshop is easy with the materials at hand. It is a versatile product, so it will suit many occasions and make household chores easier. This can be done without any special plumbing skills.