How to make a stock chart in Excel

The latest high-low chart shows the daily highs, lows, and closes for a stock over a period of time. Following the steps below will give you a stock market chart similar to the one shown here that will help you make the right decisions when planning your stock trades.

These instructions apply to Excel 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, Excel 2019 for Mac, Excel 2016 for Mac, Excel for Mac 2011, and Excel for Office 365. You cannot create a stock chart in Excel Online.

  1. Enter and select card details
  2. Mouse
  3. Using the keyboard
  4. Create a stock market chart
  5. Stock Chart Style and Layout

Enter and select card details

The first step in creating a High-Low-Close stock chart is entering data into a spreadsheet. Enter data in cells A1 through E6 as shown in the figure.

  • Column A is labeled “Date”.

  • Column B is headed “Trading Volume”.

  • Columns C, D, and E are labeled “High Price”, “Low Price” and “Close Price” respectively.

When entering data, keep the following rules in mind:

  • If possible, fill in your details in the columns as shown in the picture.

  • Place your worksheet with a header for each row of data at the top of the column and data in the cells below.

  • Do not leave blank rows or columns when entering data, as this will leave blank areas on the chart.

This tutorial does not include the steps to format a worksheet as shown in the picture. Information about sheet formatting options is available in the Basic Excel formatting guide.

Then you need to select a block of cells from A1 to D6.

In Excel 2013 and later, if your data is in continuous cells, as in this example, you can click any cell in the range and all your data will be included in the chart.

Otherwise, there are two options to select map data: with the mouse or with the keyboard.


  1. Click on cell A1.

  2. Press the left mouse button and drag the mouse to select all cells on D6.

Using the keyboard

  1. Click in the top left corner of the chart data.

  2. Press and hold a key Shift on keyboard.

  3. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to select data to include in the stock chart.

Make sure to select the column and row headings you want to include in the chart.

Create a stock market chart

Follow the instructions below to generate a Volume-High-Low-Close stock market chart after selecting your data. The chart is created and placed on your worksheet.

  1. Click on the tab Insert on the tape.

  2. Click Recommended charts

  3. Go to the tab All charts

  4. Select stock in the chart type list.

  5. Click Volume-High-Low-Close.

  6. Click Okay

Stock Chart Style and Layout

Format the chart as you want it to appear.

  1. Click on the diagram to activate the tab Charting Tools on the tape.

  2. Open a tab Design

  3. Select the chart element you want to format.

  4. Choose a different chart style or other design options such as fill color, shadow, and 3D format.

  5. Save changes to your schedule.

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