The excitement for a photo shoot in professional photo studios is enormous. But you can diversify your free time and get high-quality photos yourself. Below we will analyze how to arrange a studio light with your own hands from elementary materials.

What is needed for this

Good lighting is the key to successful photography. Therefore, to organize the process, you will need its main element – a softbox.

Softbox – equipment whose main purpose is to diffuse light, focus on the subject of photography. Performs a number of functions:

  • correct (uniform) light distribution;
  • helps diffuse directed rays into the frame;
  • soften flash;
  • visually increase the total shooting area;
  • serves as an additional lighting element.

Technically, a softbox is a rectangular box, with a reflective effect – a sheet, a screen is installed on the main part and a flash (or a lamp) is mounted inside.

For crafting, you will need a halogen spotlight and the following materials:

  • for the body of the product – a hard cardboard box (medium size);
  • a roll of foil (if this is not possible, you can replace it with white paper or whatman paper);
  • a piece of fabric (translucent);
  • rail;
  • super glue;
  • cable;
  • nuts and nails;
  • clothespins, preferably stationery.

Tools required:

  • the scissors;
  • pliers;
  • forceps.

assembly process

The manufacturing process consists of simple manipulations:

  • the cover is cut from the box to obtain a solid screen, all the edges are also aligned;
  • in the middle of the box (bottom) a hole is cut for the projector;
  • the inside is glued with reflective material: foil or paper;
  • a cover is installed on the entire frame – prepared tissue material;
  • for fastening, stationery clothespins are used;
  • with the help of a wire, a prepared spotlight is installed and fixed;
  • a support is mounted from the rails, the structure is installed on it.

Another option for homemade ties can be to install a softbox on a household lamp, a music stand or an ordinary microphone.

Thanks to a simple sequence, the softbox is ready. It should be noted that it is recommended to turn on the light only during the shooting process. The lighting element heats up during operation, which can cause cardboard and glued paper to heat up.

To make the design more durable, it is better to replace the cardboard box with polystyrene foam.

This material is easy to process and durable. However, its use requires the necessary preparation and takes much longer.

Using improvised materials and tools available in every household, it will be possible to spend time usefully, take interesting and high-quality photos, and even without paying too much for a photo studio.