How to Make Gmail Your Default Program in Firefox

  1. Do you use Firefox?
  2. Open Gmail in Mozilla Firefox
  3. Select “Tools | Parameters…”

Do you use Firefox?

Do you want Gmail to appear when you click an email address on a website? If you use Mozilla Firefox, you can set your preferences for it. Here’s how to make Gmail your default email program in Firefox.

Open Gmail in Mozilla Firefox

  • Open Gmail in Mozilla Firefox.

  • Enter ‘javascript: window.navigator.registerProtocolHandler(“mailto”, “”, “Gmail”)” (excluding the outer quotes) address bar.

    • If you don’t need a secure HTTPS connection to Gmail, you can use javascript: window.navigator.registerProtocolHandler(“mailto”, “”, ‘ Gmail”)” instead of .

  • Click Enter

Select “Tools | Parameters…”

  • Select Tools | Options… or Firefox | Preferences… (Mac) from the menu in Mozilla Firefox.
  • Click the Applications tab.
  • Make sure Use Gmail is selected under mailto.

Click “Add App” under “Add Gmail ( as app…”

  • Click Add Application under Add Gmail ( as a mailto links application?.

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