How to make Google Docs a landscape

  1. Reformat your Google Doc to landscape with these easy steps
  2. Create a landscape format for Google Docs
  3. Set default landscape format in Google Docs
  4. Alternating landscape and portrait in Google Docs

Reformat your Google Doc to landscape with these easy steps

Many people think that Google Docs is limited when it comes to style and format. But the truth is that Google Docs is very easy to create in landscape format.

You just need to know which menu items will change the document format to landscape. It’s even possible to make landscape format the default for all your Google Docs documents.

Unfortunately, book and landscape pages cannot be in the same Google Doc. Below are some tips and tricks to help you get what you need.

Create a landscape format for Google Docs

If you already have a document saved to Google Docs and want to reformat it in landscape format, follow these steps.

  1. Open the document in Google Docs, select “File” from the menu and select Page Settings

  2. in the window Page Settings to turn on Landscape † this will automatically disable portrait mode. You can also adjust your fields here if you wish.

  3. Select Okay to close the window Page Settings and return to the document displayed in landscape mode.

  4. Select and drag the boxes in the corner or side of photos in your document that you want to stretch across the page.

  5. When you’re done reformatting your document, Google Docs automatically saves any changes to your document.

Set default landscape format in Google Docs

If you want your documents in Google Docs to automatically open in landscape mode, you can set the default landscape format.

You can do this in the step above where you enable landscape mode by selecting: Set as Default before pressing . press Okay save.

Whenever you open a new document in Google Docs, it now launches in landscape mode.

If you ever want to go back to portrait mode, you have to follow the same steps as above, but turn it on Portrait instead of Landscape

Alternating landscape and portrait in Google Docs

Unfortunately, Google Docs doesn’t have the ability to interleave page layouts.

However, there is a workaround, so if you plan to print or convert your document to PDF, you can print the pages in interleaved formats.

  1. With the document open in Google Docs, from the menu select File and choose seal

  2. in the window seal select Change In chapter Destination † Select Save as PDF to change the destination to a PDF document.

    If you prefer to print on a paper document instead of PDF, change the destination to printer when you set up Google Cloud Print.

  3. Change your selection Pages Of Everything choose from custom pages below, which allows you to enter a series of custom pages. Enter the range of pages you want to print in the current size.

  4. Select Save and save the file to a location on your computer that you remember.

    Include page numbers in the file header so that later when you merge documents, you know which pages are in each saved file.

  5. Follow the steps in the first part of this guide to change the document size from landscape to portrait mode.

  6. Repeat steps 1-4 above to print the next few pages of your document in portrait mode.

  7. Continue resizing your document and printing parts of the document. When you’re done, you’ll have multiple PDFs saved for all the pages in your original document.

    You may need to insert section breaks between pages so that the text of the document is placed on the correct pages when you change the formatting of the document back and forth.

  8. Finally, use a desktop or online PDF editor to merge these separate PDF files back into one document. When you’re done, you’ll see that your document now has individual pages or sections in different layouts.

  9. If you choose to print the pages on your printer, you can merge the pages back into one document.

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