How to Make Yahoo Your Default Email Program on Windows

  1. All email links can be easily opened in Yahoo Mail.
  2. Set up Yahoo Mail in your email program
  3. Change the default email program in Windows

All email links can be easily opened in Yahoo Mail.

If Yahoo Mail is your primary or favorite email service, you can set it as the default for opening email links. So when you click on an email link such as “contact us” or an email address such as: [email protected] you will be automatically redirected to your Yahoo account.

To set Yahoo Mail as your default email address on a Windows computer, you must first set up an email client to access your Yahoo Mail account. Once the e-mail program has permission to download your messages and send e-mails through your account, you can tell Windows to make it your default e-mail program.

Set up Yahoo Mail in your email program

Before you set Yahoo as the default e-mail service on your computer, you must set up an account in a Windows-compatible e-mail program.

This example shows how to set up Yahoo Mail on Windows 10 using the Mail app. If you’re using Windows 8 or an older version of Windows, you can use a different email program, and while the exact steps below won’t work for setting up Yahoo Mail, they’ll be somewhat similar in your program.

Yahoo provided the Yahoo Mail app for Windows, but stopped supporting it in 2017 before finally shutting down in 2018.

  1. Click the settings gear icon at the bottom left of Mail.

  2. Click Account management at the right.

  3. Click Add Account

  4. Click Yahoo! from the list.

  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to sign in to Yahoo Mail; You must enter your username and password.

  6. Click agree to allow the program to access your Yahoo account.

  7. Click Yes when asked if Windows should remember your Yahoo Mail password.

Change the default email program in Windows

Now that Yahoo Mail is set up in your e-mail program, you need to tell Windows that Yahoo Mail should be your default e-mail application. The steps to do this differ in each version of Windows, so pay close attention to all the text boxes below.

  1. Open the control panel.

    The fastest way to access the Control Panel in any version of Windows is through the Run dialog box; enter the command check use a keyboard shortcut Win+R

  2. Click Programs or skip this step if you don’t see this option.

  3. Click Default programs

  4. Click Associate a file type or protocol with a program

  5. In Windows 10, click the icon under E-mail

    in Windows 8 and Windows 7 select MAILTO from the list and click Change program

    The fastest way to find this option in the list is to click on one of the items and then the button m on keyboard.

  6. Choose an email program that uses Yahoo Mail.

You can also make Yahoo your default email option in Firefox for following online email links. To do this, press the menu, go to parameters: scroll down to Applications Click mail to and choose Use Yahoo! mail from the drop-down menu.

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