How to make your iPhone smile for you

esta iphone The text on the fabric can be smooth, and there are several sounds to choose from in Apple’s collection, covering a variety of languages ​​and syllables. The first computer sounds were robots that turned out to be ridiculous. In other words, machines do not understand human language or are sufficient to provide sufficient tempo and rhythm. The situation improved significantly and the iPhone had a variety of sounds that sounded natural.

The synthetic mat has been a fascinating phenomenon for hundreds of years, but the most surprising advances have come from the invention of computers. The Speak & Spell brand was one of the first mass-produced devices to put this technology into practice, making it fun for children to learn to read and sing. Apple included speech synthesis in its first Macintosh computer in 1984. Obviously, speech machines are now commonplace for all smart smartphones and high-end smartphones, which listen to loud requests and tell the answers.

matte Allows the iPhone to read the text on the fabric in front of the user with simple gestures can turn any article or e-book into an eyeless experience and allow the user to read the text to another place, until the eyes date and the visualize the described scene . Being able to turn or drive, cycle or run is essential. The option to activate the voicecloth source can be found in the Speech Content section of the App Accessibility Guide Configures your iPhone. There are many customizable options. “Speak Screen” is the most useful, allowing you to press two fingers under the action or the iPhone to move. The “Stack content” option makes it easy to see which part of the fabric is being rolled up, allowing users to read again if needed. Finally, in the “Voice” option, there are a variety of languages ​​and syllables to choose from, some better than others, so it’s important to take a few minutes to find someone who is your favorite.

The iPhone’s voice sensor is advanced or sufficient to be a decent speaker. However, this accessibility resource cannot completely replace audiobooks, as computers cannot read as well as humans. Actors, in particular, go somewhere to bring history to life. On the other hand, some books are not available as audiobooks and most articles must be read. For sites, it is better to alternate Reader mode by clicking the “AA” button in the Safari search bar and clicking in Reader, which will close the content that causes problems with Falar tela resource, such as videos and site menus.

When reading a book in Apple Books, the iPhone opens the pages and continues reading, but some other apps require you to tap a button that appears on the screen while reading to advance to the next page. When the fabric content is divided into sections, the iPhone cannot read it in the order that a human understands and does not understand which section is the real content and whether there are controls or suggestions for additional reading. That’s why reading mode is crucial in Safari. However, not all applications have the ability to hide additional content, and iPhone does not allow lidar with readability in any situation. Embora is not ideal, there is an option to select the text to help with more complex documents with ease. no general, iphone The built-in content control is automatic and an ideal option for listening to books and articles while driving, cycling or on the go.

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