You forgot to drain the water from your car washer in time, and with the onset of the first frost, it turned to ice? Driving a car without a working element to help clear the windshield of dirt is not only inconvenient, but also dangerous. Waiting for warm weather to arrive is also not an option, as winter has just begun. Consider how to melt ice and what is needed for this.


Intensive heating of the car

This method offers two heating options:

  • put the car in a warm place;
  • long-term engine operation.

In the second case, it is necessary to let the car run for a long time. This will bring the desired result after the temperature under the hood increases. But it will take a long time to wait – about 3 hours, which is not very economical, since a lot of fuel will be burned during such a period.

The simplest option is to warm up the vehicle. The main condition is the temperature inside the room + 10ºС. If you don’t have your own garage, you can ask a friend to leave the car with them for a while or send the car to the car wash, where it will stay warm and possibly the tank will thaw.

Ice heater

Regardless of the model of the car, most often the tank itself is not difficult to remove on your own. You can do this by following the following sequence:

  • the fixing bolts are unscrewed;
  • the wires of the mechanism are carefully disconnected.

The frozen tank is removed, it remains only to bring it home and warm it up. To speed up defrosting, you can leave the appliance in lukewarm water. When the ice has melted, the water in the tank must be drained, the tank returned to its place and poured with antifreeze liquid.

Please note that it is strictly forbidden to immerse the tank in boiling water. From a sharp drop in temperature, its material can deform and burst.

In order not to damage other elements of the car during these manipulations, it is recommended to read the technical instructions for your model beforehand. Find out exactly how every detail is removed.

Get rid of ice with alcohol-based products

The method is suitable if the tank has not been completely filled with water and there is still room to top up the prepared reagents. If there is free space, adding liquid with alcohol will cause a reaction that can release heat and turn ice into water.

As products containing alcohol, you can use:

  • alcohol diluted with water;
  • cologne;
  • windshield washer fluid (antifreeze);
  • ordinary vodka.

Having chosen one of the means, it is important to properly prepare it:

  • pour into a container with which the filling will take place;
  • heat the solution in a bain-marie: put the bottle in a pan of water and heat it.

The heated liquid should be gradually poured into the frozen tank, refilling as needed. You should not pour a lot at once, since sharp reactions can damage the inner walls of the container and cause the appearance of cracks.

This procedure takes about 20 minutes, after which nothing of the ice will be left. You can easily drain the remaining water and adjust your vehicle’s windshield washer system.

The above are the main recommendations for restoring the glasswasher tank to working order. Each of the methods has its own advantages and disadvantages. Depending on the specific situation, you will be able to choose the most suitable option for your car. But it is better to be more careful and pre-fill with antifreeze.