To get maximum comfort and vivid impressions while watching movies, most people visit cinemas. In this regard, a completely natural and quite logical question arises – is it possible to make a home cinema and how to organize it correctly? After all, the main advantage of watching movies at home is complete privacy, as well as the ability to independently choose the most interesting movie.

Preparation of the room

The development of a home cinema must begin with the preliminary preparation of the premises. If a person lives in an apartment building, a large house, then in this case, in order not to conflict with neighbors, it is advisable to equip such a room, which needs to be converted for watching movies, with insulation quality sound. In this case, the surface of the walls, as well as the ceilings, can be covered with special plasterboard slabs. When performing such a finish, a special soundproofing layer should be made.

When arranging a cinema, it is recommended to repaint the walls inside the room in a dark color. This is due to the fact that it is this room color design that will not distract viewers from watching the selected movies. In addition, it is not recommended to equip a room reserved for a home theater with a large number of products or panels with a glossy or glass coating. This is because the gloss and glass create reflections that can distract viewers from watching movies.

To equip a cinema hall, it is recommended to use mainly materials with a matte finish. In addition, care must be taken beforehand to darken the room and eliminate the various light sources that may appear when watching a film. If there is a window in the room, it should be hung with a heavy, light-blocking curtain. Also, to darken the room, you can purchase special light filters.

Choice of technique

In cinemas, sound is just as important as a beautiful, colorful picture. Therefore, it is recommended to equip a room for watching movies with a high-quality acoustic system. It should be noted that the acoustics in this case should be selected taking into account the size of the room. For small rooms, a 5 to 1 system is perfect.

The most important question that arises when arranging a home theater is: what is best to use for playing a movie, a projector or a TV? To answer this question, it should be noted that the projector will better restore the mood when watching movies, which should be present in the cinema. Therefore, in this case, a projector is a more acceptable option than a TV. However, it should be noted that projectors are more expensive than televisions.

The wall of the room where the projector is to be installed must be painted with a special highly reflective paint. When choosing a projector, first of all, you should pay attention to the technical characteristics of such equipment, such as resolution, an indicator of the quality of the reproduced image. In addition, when choosing a projector for a home theater, it is recommended to pay attention to the scalability of the images it projects. For home theater design, it is best to use projectors that operate on LCD or DLP technology.


For comfortable viewing of movies, the room should be equipped with good sound insulation. In this case, it is not recommended to use parquet or laminate as a floor covering. To ensure a good level of insulation, it is recommended to lay a dark-coloured long-pile carpet on the floor. In addition, to ensure the best possible sound effect, there should be no obstacles between the speakers and the viewer (furniture, interior objects, etc.).

To ensure reliable sound insulation, it is recommended to equip the walls with special sound-diffusing multilayer panels. As an alternative, cushioning pads can be used. These pads are capable of suppressing the strong sound vibrations that occur when watching movies. In addition, to ensure a high level of sound insulation, it is recommended to install a massive door with a tight seal in a room that will later serve as a home theater.