According to agrotechnical rules, agricultural land is plowed in late autumn, when the first frosts have come, and in early spring, when the snow has not yet melted. At this time, the ground is frozen, so heavy equipment – a tractor – is usually used for plowing. But on small plots of land, a walk-behind tractor with a powerful engine can cope with such a task. Only in order to do the job efficiently and not ruin the equipment, a number of rules must be observed, which will be discussed in this article.

Conditions for plowing frozen ground with a walk-behind tractor

Frozen ground has a high degree of density, which creates a significant load on the equipment and can lead to failure of mechanisms. Therefore, it is possible to plow these lands when they are frozen to a depth of no more than 5 centimeters. This usually happens at a temperature of about 5 degrees below zero.

It will not be possible to cultivate frozen land using medium-power equipment, a heavy-class walk-behind tractor will be required. With a weight of more than 95 kg, this unit has good stability and a powerful 6-13 horsepower engine copes with tough jobs. However, the disadvantage of such a machine is the lack of maneuverability when turning.

A walk-behind tractor stuck in the ground is easy to pull out if the machine has the “reverse” function.

It is also important that the depth and speed of cultivation are controlled.

Features of plowing frozen ground using a walk-behind tractor

First, the machine must be prepared for work: remove the wheels; put the cutters, for stability, install plates on both sides of the cutters. To plow frozen ground, you need to process the site 3-4 times.

In the first approach, the densest surface layer is destroyed, which is grown in large chunks. Therefore, engine speed and tiller penetration into the ground should be minimal. Saber-shaped knives will perform this task best.

During further processing, it is necessary to gradually increase the depth and speed of the walk-behind tractor.

During the third and fourth plowing, when the earth is crushed, it is recommended to use goosefoot cutters.

Do not exceed the permissible load, as the mechanisms of the machine may break.

So, plowing frozen ground using a walk-behind tractor is a doable task, but some experience and skill is required. If such work is carried out in late autumn or early spring, the soil is saturated with oxygen, which improves its fertility.