In some cases, the use of an electric soldering iron becomes impossible due to the fact that there is no electrical wiring in the room. In addition, it is not recommended to use this 220V powered tool in cases where the humidity level or the air temperature inside is high. In cases where the place of welding is far from the socket, as a rule, extension cords are used. However, there is a way to make such a tool mobile with your own hands. To do this, you just need to connect it to the battery.

Connecting to a computer’s UPS battery

To make a simple soldering iron a mobile tool, it can be connected to a computer UPS battery (an uninterruptible power supply, or as it is also called, an uninterruptible power supply UPS). Of course, for these purposes, you can use high-capacity car batteries. However, such batteries are too bulky and heavy, so it will be difficult to transport them over long distances. This, in turn, negatively affects the level of mobility of the soldering iron connected to the battery.

The inverter uses smaller batteries, but they have enough power to work fully with an electric soldering iron. As a rule, such batteries, weighing less than 2 kg, have a capacity of 7Ah and are capable of supplying a voltage of 12V. In addition, thanks to their lightness, these batteries are easy to store and transport.

To connect an ordinary electric soldering iron to a computer UPS battery, you need to take a plywood plate and drill two holes in it. It should be noted that the diameter of the holes should be the same as the thickness of the supporting wires of the soldering iron. Next, the plywood plate must be attached to the battery. Next, the power leads from the electric soldering iron should be attached to the battery terminals.

For soldering wires with a diameter of no more than 1 mm, you can use a soldering iron, the power of which varies from 15 W (at an operating voltage of 12V). The continuous operating time of such a tool from a fully charged battery is about 5 hours.

To solder large diameter wires, more powerful electric soldering irons will have to be used. For example, for soldering such large wires, a power tool with a power of about 30-40 watts is suitable. In this case, the duration of the tool connected to the battery will be about 2-3 hours.

For powering the soldering iron, old batteries from the computer UPS are perfect, which, due to the loss of their capacity, are not able to ensure the normal operation of the uninterruptible power supply. Even if the battery capacity level drops to 1Ah, which is clearly not enough for the inverter to work, it will be able to ensure the operation of the electric soldering iron for 15-25 minutes, which will be more than enough for a simple weld.

Connecting to a Computer’s UPS

If you plan to use a soldering iron that works on 220V, you can use the inverter itself to connect it. However, it should be remembered that the weight of an average uninterruptible power supply is about 3 kg, so it will not be easy to carry it with you all the time.

In the event that the inverter is equipped with standard output sockets, you just need to connect a soldering iron to it by inserting the plug into the socket. However, if the uninterruptible power supply is equipped with the so-called IEC connector (a special so-called ups cable is used to connect the UPS to the computer), then the user will have to make a special carrying case that will allow you to connect the soldering iron plug to the IEC connector.