How to pre-save albums to Spotify and listen to new music instantly

It can seem complicated to enter the most recent music from your favorite artist/band, more thanks to Spotify pre-rescue source, you can be ready to listen to the latest EP or album the moment it’s released. Sending the sound of more than 80 thousand songs, it is a euphemism to say that one loads of music to listen to on Spotify. From old rock, 2000s alternative, modern pop, and everything in between, their listening options on Spotify are practically endless.

If Spotify just plays all the music for you without any sorting/organization tools, it gets very active very quickly. Fortunately, this is not the case. Spotify has abundant resources to keep its audience as focused as possible. There are dozens of custom playlists, home page recommendations based on your audience, and extensive sharing tools to help you discover what your friends are listening to.

Another way Spotify can help here is with your pre-rescue resource. Spotify is good at showing you new music that you know you’re interested in. Instead of adding new titles to their daily mixes, a list of plays dedicated to New Music Friday shows the most recent songs available. This is great for finding new music you’re unfamiliar with, but the next music/albums you know will be released soon? That is, the pre-rescue resource is useful. If an artist has set up a pre-save campaign for upcoming songs, you can visit the artist’s website, select the pre-save button and save the album to your Spotify library. When it launches, you’ll receive a notification that it’s ready to listen – and it’s saved to your library to make listening easier.

That’s all very good! But how does Spotify pre-save work? The first thing you need to do is go to the artist’s website for upcoming music. When they open pre-save for their upcoming music, you’ll see a button that says “Pre-Save” with a Spotify logo on the side. Click/tap the Presave button. If you are still not connected to your Spotify account, you will be prompted to enter your Spotify username/password and authorize access to the artist site. Once logged in, follow the on-screen instructions, tap the ‘Conclude’ button and the next song will be pre-saved to your Spotify account! Depending on how the artist has set up the site, you can choose a playlist specific to what you want to add to the music when it’s released.

Remember, pre-save music to Spotify doesn’t allow you to hear it right away. You still have to expect the music to be released before you can send it. The pre-save is easily added to your library so you don’t have to search for new music when it comes out. Give it a lot and be successful Spotify can be sometimes, any sensible help is appreciated.

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