During lightning, any electrical device can fail. Especially do not tolerate thunderstorms, various modems and routers. The devices can be damaged due to a power failure or a blow in the electronic cable. The fact is that cables are often laid in a hurry, so there is no question here of protection from a thunderstorm. But in today’s article, we are going to learn how you can protect your device against thunderstorms.

How to protect your router or modem during a storm?

Here are some recommendations on this subject:

  1. If suddenly clouds began to appear outside the window and it began to smell like a real thunderstorm, you should immediately disconnect the device from the network, disconnect the Internet cable and send it to the closet . You can’t think of anything better. It should be remembered that the cable must also be disconnected. It will not be superfluous if you turn off laptops and other electrical appliances. You must remove the plug from the socket.
  2. The router must be connected through a network filter. It really helps in a lot of situations. Such a filter can be purchased at an affordable price, and its effect is real.
  3. The best option is to connect the device using a voltage stabilizer. Naturally, you will have to spend a lot. But it’s worth it if you’re having power issues or lightning is constantly happening in your area. If the discharge is strong enough, the stabilizers can also catch fire.

What to do if the Internet and the Wi-Fi router do not work after a thunderstorm?

The first step is to determine the cause of the damage. Before giving advice, several options should be analyzed:

Start your device and watch the indicators carefully. If they don’t glow at all or glow regularly, the device may be faulty.

  1. See if the current works.
  2. Reset options.
  3. Check the power supply.
  4. Device repair. It will need to be taken to a service center. However, it is not known how long the router will serve you after repair.
  5. Purchase of a new device. Often after this damage you have to buy a new electrical device.

The device is OK, the network is present, but there is no connection to it. This can happen in two cases:

  1. Most likely, the equipment was damaged or the Internet died because of the provider. The best solution is to connect Wi-Fi directly to a laptop, without a device. If the network is down, it all depends on the device. In this case, it is better to call technical support to clarify the essence of the problem. Or just wait. In this situation, the indicator lights up green (instead of blinking) or turns orange. Additionally, you can check your internet connection settings. Most likely they could fly.
  2. The device’s WAN port has burned out. In this case, the LED will not light up during connection. The optimal solution to the problem: it is easy to redo the WAN port on several devices. However, in such cases it is often necessary to flash the device with special firmware.

First, find the cause of the failure. The problem is probably with the provider or your device. If it is about the operation of your device, then you need to study the principle of operation of a router or a modem. It does not hurt to check the indicators and the WAN port.

If you need to spend some money, it’s best to do so to avoid voltage issues.

It’s better to fix the problem before a thunderstorm than to suffer with a damaged device later.