Many motorists face such problems as theft of various devices. Most often, attackers steal batteries. Therefore, to prevent vehicle battery theft, special measures must be taken to avoid such a situation. The vehicle owner should know not only how to protect their car from battery theft, but also what to do in cases where attackers have already managed to remove the battery from the car.

What to do if the attackers stole the battery

The main signs of a crime being committed and entering a car are an open or raised hood, broken windows and a broken door. However, not in all cases, criminals after stealing a battery leave evidence or traces of an already committed crime. In this case, the driver does not even know until the last moment that the battery has been stolen from his vehicle. Only after unsuccessful attempts to start the car and after a full inspection of the vehicle does it become clear that the battery was stolen by the criminals.

What should the car owner do if he discovers that the battery is missing? The first step is to file a proper request with law enforcement agencies. To do this, you need to call a police team to the scene of the crime, indicating that the battery was stolen from the car. The victim should go to the nearest police station and file an appropriate statement about the theft of the battery. Then the police will have to carry out activities (fingerprinting) to search and detain criminals.

However, it should be noted that according to the laws of the Russian Federation, individuals can be held criminally liable only in cases where the total amount of material damage caused by them exceeds 2.5 thousand rubles. If the value of the stolen battery is less than the specified amount, the police department may refuse to take action against the victim. However, even in this case, when stealing a battery, it is recommended to contact law enforcement so that the police have more data on the attackers, who anyway will be caught stealing sooner or later. late.

When he detains an attacker, when he steals someone else’s battery, he incurs a fine, the amount of which is 80,000 rubles. In addition, the legislation of the Russian Federation provides for various measures regarding persons who steal cars or various vehicle devices, the cost of which does not exceed 250,000 rubles (Article 158 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, Part 1 ) .

How to prevent battery theft

It is much easier to prevent a battery from being stolen than trying to find it later by reporting it to the police. There are a variety of ways to protect the battery from theft if the vehicle is in an unguarded parking lot.

The easiest way, which, by the way, is used by many motorists, is to dismantle the battery and move it to a safe place. It should be noted that this is not the most practical way to protect the battery from theft. So, in this case, to protect the battery from intruders, you can:

  1. Install a reliable alarm on the car. In this case, it is recommended to purchase security systems equipped with all kinds of sensors, as well as detectors that respond to unauthorized entry into the car.
  2. Install additional blocking latches below the hood surface. In this case, it is more appropriate to use coded versions of the locks, since they are somewhat easier to handle.
  3. On some car models, it is possible to exchange the battery and the tank. In this case, the thief, after opening the hood, will be confused and may give up his attempts to steal someone else’s battery.
  4. Fasten securely with nuts to battery terminals, power leads. In this case, a criminal without extraneous tools will not be able to quickly reset the battery terminal wires. However, this method of battery protection is dangerous because when trying to steal the battery, an attacker can simply remove or even cut the power wires using brute force.

Some motorists, trying to protect their batteries from theft, make special boxes of steel rods themselves, and then weld them to the surface of the body. The battery located in such a box is reliably protected from intruders, since a thief who is going to steal a battery from a car is unlikely to take an angle grinder with him.

The easiest and most versatile way to protect the battery from theft is the use of special trays – brackets. You can buy such fasteners in specialized stores that sell automotive products.

Versatility, reliability and, above all, ease of use of these trays – fasteners lies in the fact that they are fixed with nuts on site, directly under the battery. The upper part of such a tray securely fixes the battery with the help of special dowels, complex locks and other non-standard fasteners.

On almost all car models, the batteries are attached to the vehicle hood with nuts and bolts. In this case, to prevent the theft of the battery, you can take a simple file and grind the edges of the nuts with it so that they are perfectly round. In this case, the attacker will have to spend a lot of time disassembling these nuts and he will most likely give up his attempts to steal the car battery.