How to protect your Discord account with two-factor authentication

Enable two-factor authentication discordia is one of the easiest ways to improve your account security. Almost all social media platforms today have the option to enable two-factor authentication and, once security is in place, these platforms require exclusive credentials (usually a code) that only the owner can access the account. To achieve this, platforms count with a recognized authentication application or send an exclusive verification code by SMS to a locked mobile number.

As social platforms become more popular, so does the crime associated with these uses. Often, social media accounts contain confidential information about users that can be used indefinitely by malicious agents. Identity roubo information centerwill have more than 1,800 data breaches by 2021, an increase of 68% from 2020. In the meantime, it is recommended that two-factor authentication be enabled for all allowed applications.

Enable Two-Factor Authentication Discontinued On the site, click the “gear” icon in the bottom number. User Configurations cardapio.lado dentro my bill section (selected by pattern), click Enable two-factor authentication The options are in the User Profile and Digitize Password section. To enable the security measures of a smartphone, the user must access it by clicking on the avatar in the lower right corner User Configurations menu and then click my bill Find two-factor authentication† Discord displays a prompt with more instructions asking the user to download Google Authenticator or Authy to your smartphone.

If you are using Google Authenticator, click the “+” button in the lower right corner of the application to digitize the QR code or get the Discord configuration key. The digitization of barcodes on Android phones requires downloading a third-party scanner app from the Play Store. Authy allows users to enter their phone number and email address first to authenticate their phone. Then you need to enter the code sent by SMS or telephone line. Once the device remains protected, the user can click the “+” icon to add an authentication account. Authenticator’s account On the screen, users have the option to digitize the barcode or enter the 2FA key displayed in their Discord account. After this step, the user must enter the six-digit verification code displayed in one of the Discord authentication applications, which will complete the process.

With two-factor authentication enabled, Discord users can enable SMS authentication or download backup codes. By activating SMS authentication, the user’s phone number is added as a 2FA backup method in case he loses access to the authentication application. Backup codes can also help in similar situations where users need to manage and secure these codes in Discord. discordia No need to enter authentication application codes, SMS or backup codes.

source: International Trade Research Center, Disclosure Support

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