How to Rename Your Google Account on iPhone, Android and Web

google Allows users to change account name on all desktop and mobile platforms. There are several reasons why someone might want to change the name of their Google account. In some cases, users can legally change their name, such as using the spouse’s name after marriage. In other cases, they may want to add a first name or use a first name initial. Unlike Facebook and some other social media platforms, Google has no restrictions on account names, meaning users can change their name at any time.

Google account name can be changed on web, Android and iOS. The changed name will be reflected in all Google applications and services, including Gmail, Maps, YouTube, Play Store and many more. By default, all Google services use a person’s Google account name. Google also gives users the ability to change how their name appears in certain services, such as Gmail. However, this only changes the name that appears in the emails sent.

The easiest way to rename a Google account is on a site-by-site basis and can be done in any browser. To get started, sign in to Google account Use a web browser and click Personal data in the sidebar that closes. In the right panel, click on the current account name below Basic information† On the next canvas you should have two squares you name it e sobriety† Make the wrong changes and click the blue button Ointment button at the bottom.

To rename your Google account on Android, open Configurations and select google† On the Google profile page, click the large icon Manage your Google account button below the profile name and the image. Select on the next page Personal data guide and click on the profile name below Basic information on the next page. Because users now have access to two edit fields you name it e sobriety† Make unsubscribed changes and click Ointment Please change the name below to your Google account.

Unlike Android, Google Account settings are only accessible through the Gmail application on iPhone and iPad. To rename your Google account, launch the Gmail application and tap the search menu (three parallel lines) in the top left corner. No descriptive panel, select configuration Then click on the current name at the top of the settings page.Then select Manage your Google account then click Personal data Guides to the profile name on the next page Basic information section and change the name and/or surname on the next page. Click to finish Ointment button to move google user name.

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