CD and DVD drives are still used on some types of personal computers. Their failure is associated with many problems. If your drive is failing, this article is for you.

Probable causes of failures

The most common causes of CD-DVD drive failure are mechanical failures. The moving parts of the mechanism can get dirty, which is why the operation of the disc transport system is disturbed.

Additionally, the drive may fail for the following reasons:

  • drive belt damage;
  • an increase in the power of the friction force in the loading mechanism;
  • dust contamination of the laser lens;
  • reduced efficiency of laser drive.

In all these cases, repairing the device will help restore its performance. At the same time, it is not at all necessary to transport it to the workshop: most operations can be carried out at home.

How to fix yourself

To repair the disk failure, you will need to unmount the disk. For this operation, you will need the following tools and materials:

  • ordinary paperclip;
  • Screwdriver;
  • glans;
  • a piece of calico fabric;
  • silicone-based lubricant;
  • drive belt ;
  • cleaning wipe;
  • thin screwdriver;
  • tweezers.

First you need to disconnect the cables from the DVD drive and unscrew the screws. The drive is removed from the computer system unit. To disassemble the drive, you will need to remove the tray. This can be done with a paper clip.

The end of this stationery should be inserted into the hole on the front panel. With a paper clip, you need to feel the part responsible for opening the tray. It is located opposite the hole, and if you press it with a paper clip, it will open.

Pulling the tray with your fingers, you need to press the latches that secure the front panel of the CD-DVD drive. This must be done very carefully so as not to damage the door and the device itself. Then the front panel is removed, four Phillips screws are unscrewed. So you can remove the metal case panels. After releasing the latches, the tray is separated from the main mechanism.

Then the mechanism is thoroughly cleaned of dust and dirt with a brush. It is necessary to check the lubricant: if it is very dirty, you need to remove it with a rag and apply a new one.

You should check the pass. If it is worn out, you need to insert a new one. After installing the belt, you should wipe down all internal surfaces of the pulleys with a towel or rag soaked in an alcohol solution.

Carefully and thoroughly wipe the laser lens with a cleaning cloth. There is always dust on it, although it is not visible to the naked eye.

If the CD-DVD drive is old or many discs have been recorded on it, you can try increasing the current supplied to the laser. This work requires patience, it must be done with great care. There is a potentiometer on the carriage with the laser installed. The laser current depends on the position of its motor. But before turning the screw, you need to sketch its previous position. This is necessary to return everything to its previous position in the event of a malfunction.

Slightly turning the screw in one direction or another, you need to check the reading of information in the corresponding programs each time. In addition, it is better to do the verification on several supports. This procedure should not be performed on universal multifunction readers. They read different types of discs differently. And if you increase the laser current, it turns out that ordinary discs will be read correctly, and rewritable discs will be invisible.

Repairing a CD-DVD player at home is not difficult. The main thing is to correctly follow the recommendations for setting up the work, so as not to completely spoil the device.