A belt sander can make wood perfectly smooth. For productive work, you need the tape to sit well and not move. Replacing it requires some skill, and for beginners it can be difficult. We will show that changing the belt in the grinder is easy and fun.

How to choose a belt for a sander

When choosing a belt, you should pay attention to the size of the product, the backing, the grain size and the material of the abrasive layer.

The tape size is specified on any machine. By choosing the correct length and width of the abrasive, you can achieve a high result.

The main part of the abrasive tape is made of cloth. The basics are:

  • hard polyester (used for rough grinding and processing of hardwood);
  • flexible (used for final cleaning, as well as for processing aluminum and steel products);
  • polyester (suitable for metal flat surface processing);
  • thick paper (these are universal abrasives used by workers in furniture factories and other carpentry companies).

The abrasive grain consists of:

  • aluminum oxide;
  • silicon carbide;
  • pomegranate sand;

  • ceramic abrasive;
  • zirconia.

Aluminum grit is for stripping, roughing wood. Silicon carbide is used for finishing. Zirconate is the most aggressive abrasive. It is applied to the processing of heavy metals, as well as wooden surfaces.

It is important to pay attention to the grit size of the abrasive. Thus, coarse grain ribbons of 40 to 60 microns quickly remove particles from the surface. Precise processing is carried out with 130 micron sandpaper. And tapes with a grain size of more than 300 microns bring the surface to an ideal state.

How to replace

At home, you can easily and quickly change the grinder ribbon. First you need to tear off a strip of the desired width and length from the canvas. The length should be calculated so that it is about 20 centimeters longer than necessary.

So you must first disconnect the grinder from the mains. Before replacing the worn tape, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the sole of dirt and dust. The device should then be placed on its side using the tension lever. It should be pulled up. With a slight movement towards itself, the lever extends to the stop. Unscrew and remove the housing fixing screws.

The new shredder element should only be installed in the direction of travel. In this case, the arrow placed inside completely coincides with the direction indicated by the arrow on the case. After successful installation, the lever is placed in its original position. All boxes are installed in place, the screws are tightly screwed.

It remains to lift the grinder and turn it on. Using the screw, it is necessary to adjust the route of the ribbon. She must walk straight. If you do not adjust the machine, the quality of work will decrease. It is desirable that it be configured for a smooth ride.

When replacing, the safety rules must be scrupulously observed. The machine must be off. Work should be performed in gloves and with personal protective equipment for the organs of vision. It is strictly unacceptable to work with a grinder while intoxicated. If you are replacing for the first time, read the instructions carefully.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated and unusual about replacing the belt on a grinder. All you have to do is follow the instructions and safety rules carefully. Then the machine will work perfectly and won’t hurt the person working behind it.