Removing a trimmer’s spool to replace it can seem like a daunting task. At first glance, it is really difficult, because you have to stick to accuracy and precision. The article explains how to quickly and seamlessly replace the problem part.

Before removing the coil, the trimmer is turned off (if it is gasoline) or turned off from the network (if we have its electric version in front of us). Then these actions are performed step by step.

  1. Remove the cap that holds the spring.
  2. Apply force to the latches with one hand and gently pry the tire off with the other.
  3. Connect the gearbox cup hole with the shaft hub hole (this should be done very carefully).
  4. Insert the shaft into the gear hole with a hex key (without turning it).
  5. Remove the bobbin.
  6. Unscrew the screw.
  7. Holding the body of the element to be disassembled with one hand, unscrew it with the other hand (counterclockwise).
  8. Remove the mower head with a slight rocking motion.

The assembly of the mower is carried out by the same steps in reverse order.

All work must be carried out in compliance with the basic safety rules and the following recommendations:

  • block the gearbox with a hexagon (if there is none, an ordinary screwdriver is used);
  • blocking is necessary, otherwise the tree will turn over;
  • when repairing, consider the features of the tool (paying special attention to the type of thread);
  • to facilitate work with the device, it should be turned off by the engine and placed on a surface located horizontally;
  • before dismantling a new coil, it is necessary to clean the tool;
  • the new part must have all the same parameters as the old one;
  • if you ignore the previous requirement and install the part from another device, the mower will not work properly;
  • on the gearbox of most mowers, the advantage is the left-hand thread;
  • upon completion of the work, you need to remove the screwdriver that immobilized the unit;
  • all work is carried out with extreme care: the piece is made of easily damaged plastic;
  • it is not necessary to strongly tighten the newly installed element, otherwise it will not be possible to remove it if necessary.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated in replacing the cutting spool. It is necessary to strictly follow the instructions and carefully carry out all work.