How to reply and archive with one click in Gmail

Keyboard shortcuts are a boon to save time, but sometimes they aren’t necessary. For example, take the hotkey e in Gmail. If you’ve sent an email but don’t want to delete it, just click e to archive it.

Tired of steering, E?

Click send † Click e † Click send † Click e † Click send † Click e

It works, but you can reply with one click and archive a conversation, making your Gmail experience even more efficient. You don’t have to look beyond your Gmail settings for this.

How to reply and archive with one click in Gmail

To enable the button: Send and archive in Gmail, follow these steps.

  1. Press the button Institutions in the top right corner of your Gmail screen.

  2. Select Institutions in the menu that appears. The settings page opens.

  3. In section Send and archive tab General put the switch next to the button Show send and archive button as reply to enable this option. idiosyncrasy.

  4. Select Saving Changes at the bottom of the page.

Now to send a message and archive the conversation at once:

  1. Write your response to the received letter.

  2. Press the button Send and archive just below your answer and next to the button send

  3. Your reply has been sent and the email has been moved to a label All emails † If someone replies to this email, it will be moved to your inbox for your attention.

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