How to send formatted messages on WhatsApp

used by people all over the world whatsapp As your main instant messaging app, an effective way to communicate is to format the text in black, italics, and other styles. Since all messages sent to WhatsApp use the same source, users can use these styles to emphasize important points. Formatted text is just one of the many resources WhatsApp provides. As the world’s most popular instant messaging app, WhatsApp is constantly adding new resources to compete with other platforms like Telegram and Signal.

WhatsApp supports various emojis, attachments and GIFs that can be used in the application or downloaded from third-party platforms. Using emojis in text messages can convey more emotion. To keep things interesting, users can also add GIFs to their conversations. In general, there are many ways to write WhatsApp messages that highlight and explain the problem.

Messages in WhatsApp format Allows users to highlight words, draw attention to important information, or make it easier to read large blocks of text. There are four styles that can be applied to WhatsApp messages: negritoitalicoTachado and isometric. There are two ways to apply the format. Users who prefer to add these styles manually can add special characters before and after the part of the text to be formatted. Alternatively, users can apply styles using the Format menu in the application.

Add asterisk to keep text in black on WhatsApp

at the beginning and at the end of the message. Black text is often used to convey important information because it looks different from regular text. To italicize the text, add underscores (_) to the beginning and end of the message. Italian is mainly used to format titles or tarmac and is another way of distinguishing messages. To find the text in WhatsApp, add a (~) around the text. Finally, the monochrome style applies to the monochrome font normally found in code or simple text editors. To use it, add three bold accents (“`) around the text. It is important to note that the characters before and after the text must be added without spaces. An easier way to format text on WhatsApp is to touch and protect the text you want to format and choose a font in black, italics, tachado, or monoespaved. This method is available for Android and iOS apps. whatsapp

Apply the baton box drawing style before sending the message so the user can see what it will do before sending the message. source:


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