How to send iPhone and Android browser links to your Meta Quest listening phone

Send Navigator Links from iPhone or Android Phone to Meta Quest RV listening phone is now possible. This is great news because it can be very difficult to transfer links to 360 videos or Web XR content directly into Quest. This means memorizing and digitizing the link, using a separate application, such as Messenger, or a third-party site to submit a site address.

Meta is actually expanding the resources of its Quest headsets, with first- and second-generation models that make gains in multitarefa, resizing navigation panes, and much more. Instead of staying in VR for a few more hours, there are still options, but more options to take advantage of the incredible fabric experience could help us transition to thinking of our Meta VR headsets as more than just gaming. devices.

Metas Quest VR headsets have a nice virtual workspace that can simulate three large cloth monitors, which are useful for surfing the web. Fortunately, it is now also very easy to send links from an iPhone or Android phone to Quest to take advantage of the great. This is how it works. On an iPhone, the option should appear in a Share menu in Safari or in any app that can share links from the web. In the menu the user can choose: culo to send the link to the Oculus app. Then tap no Open now ou Save to RV and select the listener to send the link for. If there is a problem, the user should update to the most recent version of the Oculus application as version 39 or higher is required. YouTube from Meta video shows how everything works.

By the way, the link sharing process for Meta Quest listening phone from Android phone is quite simple, the To share is used and requires version 37 of the Oculus application or later, as Android got this option before iOS. Bluetooth must be enabled for the smartphone, whether you are using an iPhone or Android device. The Quest listening phone must also have Bluetooth enabled for this to work.

watch out Open now button is pressed in the Oculus application, the site should appear in the Oculus browser application when the phone is listening to Quest for use. watch out Save to RV button to touch, the link will appear in the Explore guide that appears on the bar in the lower part of the mission view. If the options are not available on an iPhone or Android phone to share with the Oculus app, the most recent updates may not have launched in RV still listening phone.

Font: culo, Meta/YouTube

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