How to send video on WhatsApp without me

whatsapp Provides a variety of media editing resources in the application, including the ability to send silent video. WhatsApp is the world’s most popular instant messaging app. Some posts also allow users to share images, videos, and documents. In 2021, it will introduce a resource that allows users to share media that disappears from a tablet after viewing the destination once. Users can still choose between three quality options for uploading photos.

Despite all the resources it offers, WhatsApp still lags behind other messaging platforms such as Signal and Telegram in some respects. For example, it still has a 100MB limit for sharing documents on Android smartphones and a 128MB limit on iPhones. Users who want to share larger files must link to a third-party storage solution such as Google Drive or iCloud, depending on the smartphone they are using. Another WhatsApp resource that has been around for a while but hasn’t launched yet is Message Reactions, which allows users to quickly respond to text messages with emojis.

WhatsApp in 2021 introduced A video’s “mute” button allows users to mute the video before sharing it. This function can be used in several stages. For example, a user is in a noisy environment, but prefers to send a video of the environment to his friends. Or maybe they want to share videos of their kids or animated animals talking in silence, which takes place on the second floor. The soft button cannot be used with frequency, but it is a useful resource in the application. WhatsApp allows users to mute a video to record a video from the app’s camera or share a video saved from the gallery.

To send a video to WhatsApp without me, the user has to record the video or choose one from his gallery. The fabric indicating file size and format does not have a “high-rise” icon in the top corner of the fabric. Click the send button and the video shared on the destination phone will play silently. This method works on Android and iOS devices. Before this source was introduced, WhatsApp users had to rely on third-party video editing programs to silence the videos before sharing.

WhatsApp plans to launch several new resources for your desktop application and interface. WABetaInfo It was revealed that WhatsApp is testing group surveys with up to 12 options on iOS. Also, another publishing report suggests that the link view may be reverted to the desktop version of the platform. whatsapp It also says that it is working on increasing the transferable file size to 2 GB.

source: WhatsApp/TwitterWABetaInfo

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