How to share files larger than 100MB on WhatsApp

apesar whatsapp Users are not allowed to share files larger than 100 MB, there are several ways to do this. In the past two years, WhatsApp has become one of the most popular instant messaging platforms. It is easy to use and provides point-to-point cryptography and cross-device usage. Also, people can use the platform to share media files including images, videos, documents and much more. However, it is currently not possible to transfer files larger than 100 MB to the platform.

As of now, the maximum file size for sharing media files (including photos, videos and voice messages) on WhatsApp is 16 MB. If users want to share a larger file, they can share it as a document. However, Android and iOS users cannot share files larger than 100MB and 128MB respectively. While that may be enough to send photos or videos without loss of quality, it’s not enough for users who only need to process gigabytes of data per day and share large files through a convenient platform.

Since WhatsApp doesn’t have a native ability to share large files, uploading it to a cloud-based data storage service and sharing a link seems like the best option. Suppose an Android user wants to share a 5GB video file, as users can access Google Drive (provides enough storage space) and load the video. After the video is sent, users will need to click the three buttons next to the thumbnail in Google Drive, click “Manage people and links” and define the link setting as “Any person with the link.” Now copy the Google Drive link for the video and put it in a WhatsApp folder with anyone who can access the video. If someone wants to share their entire database via WhatsApp, this method will work for Word videos, photos and documents.

Similarly, iOS users can upload their files and share links in iCloud. To do this, the user has to go to the file location on the iPhone and select it. They have to click “Copy link to iCloud” and wait a few seconds before sending the video to iCloud and creating a shared link. Once done, users can open WhatsApp and put the link on the tablet. In this way, Android and iOS users can share files larger than 100 MB. In addition, users can use other services to upload data and send accessible links, such as our transfers, which allow users to transfer up to 2 GB of data for free. Other platforms with similar resources include Dropbox, OneDrive, and Smash.

In accordance with the WhatsApp update editor reports WABetaInfo, the platform is testing a new resource that allows users to share files larger than 100MB. The resource is barely available to some beta testers in Argentina, it is likely that it will be launched shortly for regular users. Other messaging services, such as Telegram, allow users to share large files directly from their applications. whatsapp Via Google Drive and iCloud.

source: Google Drive, iCloud, we transfer, WABetaInfo

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