To make various types of notes or notes, people use a pen or a simple ordinary pencil. Pencils need to be sharpened from time to time. For these purposes, special sharpeners are used. However, in order to sharpen many of these products, some users use several unusual methods, which include the use of a household power tool such as a power drill.

There are several different ways and tools that allow you to sharpen a pencil. For example, most people buy special pencil sharpeners for these purposes, which perform their purpose perfectly. Artists use a simple knife, a stationery knife, and even a stone to sharpen this stationery item to the sharpness required for comfortable use.

To quickly sharpen a large number of pencils, you can use a simple household electric drill. There are several different ways that allow you to quickly and efficiently sharpen these products using this power tool.

The first method is to use sandpaper and a drill. First, the user needs to take a drill (preferably large diameter) and tightly wrap it with sandpaper. For these purposes, it is recommended to use 120-grit sandpaper. Then the drill, wrapped in sandpaper, must be securely fixed in the chuck of an electric drill. Thanks to this manipulation, the output looks like a small miniature electric emery.

After installing such a homemade emery nozzle, the electric drill should be placed on its side and, holding it with one hand, turn it on. With your free hand, you need to bring the product to be sharpened to a rotary drill wrapped in sandpaper and gently sharpen it, without much effort. Some users use a coarse-grained round file instead of sandpaper, which is installed in an electric drill chuck.

It should be noted that for sharpening various objects with an electric drill, you can purchase a set of special emery. It is becoming easier to use such nozzles than, for example, winding a nadzhachku on a drill to sharpen the desktop. To use an emery nozzle, you just need to install it in the chuck of the power tool.

To sharpen fragile products and thin wood, it is recommended to switch on the power tool at low speed. In addition, when using such nozzles and power tools, it is recommended to use personal protective equipment. Protective goggles and gloves should be worn before sharpening objects.

The second method of sharpening with an electric drill involves the use of a simple sharpener. It is perfect in cases where the user needs to sharpen a large amount of stationery in a short time. To sharpen a pencil, one end must be clamped into the drill chuck and the other end inserted into the sharpener. After that, you need to turn on the drill at low speed.

It should be noted that for sharpening a large number of office supplies, special sharpeners are sold on the market – nozzles for an electric drill. In their appearance, they resemble simple grinding wheels, however, such devices are equipped with special elements (adapters) that allow them to be installed directly in the drill chuck. This special accessory is an excellent option for sharpening a large number of products on an industrial scale, for example for further use in large offices.