How to silence individual and group conversations on WhatsApp

whatsapp If users feel the need to receive certain notifications from the application, they can silence individual and group wallets. Since the start of the pandemic, people around the world have been relying on instant messaging apps like WhatsApp to stay in touch with their friends, family and even colleagues. However, from time to time, a user’s phone may be connected throughout the day with WhatsApp notifications from bate-papos in groups or specific contacts.

Fortunately, WhatsApp has a handy resource to deal with this situation. The platform allows users to selectively silence the bats so that they can no longer receive notifications. This allows them to ignore or respond to bats without blocking contact or leaving the group. WhatsApp doesn’t even allow users to shut up when they want to silence their babies.

To silence people’s bats on WhatsApp, go to bate-papo Application section and fittings open. Click on the person’s profile picture in the hidden top number. To enter the interface, click silent notifications in an android phone ou quiet on an IphoneChoose in the pop-up window to silence or bathe for eight hours, a week, or permanently. To silence or bathe but continue to receive notifications below the notifications, click View notification elective. Android users can also mute the buttons on the WhatsApp home screen. Touch and lock the bat and select the mud icon in the top right corner of the fabric. This allows multiple bats to be selected and still sitting at the same time.

The steps to silence a bat in a group on WhatsApp are similar to silencing a single bat. Users just need to click the button in the group and then click the group name at the top. Scroll below and click silent notifications options. By selecting the time period for which chats should be silenced, you decide whether to activate notifications immediately.

WhatsApp also allows users to mute your client’s web and desktop applications. To do this, move the cursor over the chat (individually or in groups) and click on the set icon below that appears. silent notifications Select the duration for the bat to be silenced on the list of silent notifications double confirmation. Alternatively, WhatsApp Web users can open a tab, click on a contact or group name and open silent notifications trocar.

WhatsApp users will continue to receive messages whether they have silenced the bats for 8 hours or permanently. However, the device does not play a notification sound, nor does it sound when a new message arrives. Similarly, silent bats won’t display stamp content for posts that haven’t been closed unless someone directly calls or replies to the user. whatsapp Users can choose to activate the bate-papo sound at any time by following the same steps above.

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