How to silence someone on Instagram to stop seeing their posts and stories

to silence someone Instagram Even if the user doesn’t want to see the posts or stories of the account. This is an ideal solution when users don’t want to let someone down to avoid the confusion that comes with it, but don’t want to see what is being posted. The process of silencing someone on Instagram is simple and can be done on Android and iOS.

When you silence someone on Instagram, that person’s posts and stories won’t appear in the user’s feed, but both people can still find direct messages. Users can also view the messages or histories of muted accounts that access their profile page. On the other hand, Instagram does not let users know that they have been silenced.

keep quiet on Instagram and go to the person’s profile. This can be done by clicking the account username in a post or history, or by clicking the search button (ground symbol) in the bottom panel and searching for your username on the next page. On the user profile page, click The following Button with set to bottom. In the menu that appears, click quiet and tie the switch to the side of it to publishhistory, or both. The selection is saved automatically. To activate someone’s voice, follow the same method and uncheck the alternative to see their posts and stories in the new feed.

Users can also mute accounts in their feeds. To do this, click on the button in the three-dot menu next to the person who posts and click on to hide† In the pop-up window, choose mudo † Selection of silence postage ou Silent messages and stories options. The process to silence someone on Instagram is the same on Android and iOS, meaning the following instructions will work on both platforms. However, the option is not available on the Instagram site, which means that users can only silence the people who use the applications.

In addition to the ability to silence users, Instagram offers users many other ways to organize their feeds and prevent unwanted messages. One of the best ways to do this is to use the Restrictions resource, which allows users to control the DMs and the comments they see. However, the safest way to block all interactions with anyone on the platform is to block them. The option to block users is not only available in the mobile application but also in Instagram Same value for the site.

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