How to sync your Google and Apple calendars

Google Calendar syncs with the default iOS calendar app if you set it up with the Add Apple Account Wizard.

This method displays one or more of your Google calendars in iOS; it will not combine or merge your Google calendar with your iCloud account or any other calendar account you have set up on your iPhone or iPad.

These instructions apply to iOS versions from iOS 11.

  1. Set up your Google calendars in Apple Calendar
  2. Add individual Google calendars to iOS
  3. Using Google Calendar on your iPhone or iPad

Set up your Google calendars in Apple Calendar

To add your Google calendars to Apple Calendar and have them sync automatically

  1. Open Institutions Password and accounts on your iPhone or iPad.

  2. Click Add Account

  3. Select google on the next screen.

  4. Sign in to your Google account. While the account add wizard still seems to work, you are actually viewing a packaged version of the Google website, so you can freely click the link create an account if you want to create google. Account from scratch. However, most people will just log into an existing account.

    The Google Accounts login screen asks for your username and password on separate pages. If you’ve set up two-factor authentication on your Google account, you’ll also need to provide a response code.

  5. Choose which parts of your Google account sync with your iPhone or iPad. iOS selects Mail, Contacts, and Calendar by default, but does not sync Notes. Make sure the “Calendars” option is selected (ie the slider is shown in green). Click Save Get on.

  6. Open the Calendar app to view your appointments. If you have a large calendar, it may take a few minutes for a full sync to complete.

Add individual Google calendars to iOS

You don’t need to sync all associated calendars in your Google account with iOS.

  1. Go to the Google Calendar sync page.

  2. Select the calendars you want to sync with the Apple Calendar app. If the Calendar check box is active, it will be synced. If the checkbox is not checked, this will not happen.

    Think twice about syncing shared calendars, such as public or religious holidays. Different calendars tend to display these events, so you can get quite a few duplicate entries, especially if you have multiple calendars synced to iOS.

  3. Click or tap Save

  4. Update your Apple Calendar to make sure your preferences are reflected.

Using Google Calendar on your iPhone or iPad

Some Google Calendar features don’t work with Apple Calendar. Among which Google Space Planner and email notifications of events. You also cannot create new Google calendars with Apple Calendar.

Open the menu Institutions Passwords and Accounts to enable or disable individual sync settings at any time, including the calendar. Just click on your Gmail account to see switches for email, contacts, calendars, and notes.

By adding your Google account directly to iOS, you’ve set it up for Apple’s own email, calendar, contacts, and notes apps. However, apps from the App Store, such as Microsoft Outlook, cannot read from the iOS settings configuration; you need to set up your Google account separately in these non-Apple apps.

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