How to take a dust shot on the OnePlus 10 Pro: all the things and tricks you need to know

esta another The 10 Pro can run the most recent apps, games with the most graphics and the required 4K video streaming. But how exactly do you pull a fabric recorder onto your phone? Embora this can seem like an essential resource, making dust recordings on the phone can be very useful. If you want to help your family use the phone, share a cute photo you found on Twitter, or show someone a restaurant you want to chat with, taking a dust shot is essential.

Where it gets complicated is to cover all the different methods of capturing substances. Every smartphone comes with fabric handles that are a little different. If you’re using an iPhone, a Samsung device, or a Google Pixel, the steps to take a dust shot vary from phone to phone. The same goes for the OnePlus 10 Pro. If you’ve just bought your 10 Pro and aren’t sure how dust pick-ups work, here’s everything you need to know.

As with most phones, the easiest way to get a dust shot on the OnePlus 10 Pro is to use your button tools. As long as you want to take a dust shot, quickly press the Power + Volume Down buttons. OnePlus 10 Pro fishes its dust and shows a rendering of the dust catch in the bottom corner except. If you expect the screen to disappear (or disappear for a long time), the dust image will be as it was saved in the Photos application. But that’s not all you can do. If you are already using a site or application, click the ‘Unroll’ button below the dust capture screen to capture more pages. This automatically plays a part in whatever site/application you are in, capturing more dust and one to create a long and uninterrupted dust capture (useful for sharing long recipes, text conversations, etc). OnePlus 10 Pro users can also tap the fabric capture screen to access editing tools – including cutouts, highlights, filters, text, and more.

If the league/draw + volume buttons are hard to use, the OnePlus 10 Pro offers a couple of different ways to do dust shots. Another option is to pull the fabric down with three fingers. It works on the original fabric, applications, games or any other place in 10 Pro. With three fingers, descend somewhere on the fabric and keep the fabric handle. Similarly, you can press and hold three fingers on the OnePlus 10 Pro to take a partial shot of the fabric of just a specific area where your fingers are. If you pull the finger after the dust pick-up visualization appears, expand the dust pick-up area to roll out the dust pick-ups.

Last but not least, the OnePlus 10 Pro has a settings page for customizing all the substance capture settings. Open the Configurations application, at the bottom of the page, tap System Configurations and tap Fabric Captures. Here you can enable/disable different substance capture devices, watch tutorials on how they work, choose where to exit substance capture visualizations, and much more. another The 10 Pro started very well. If you want to make changes to your phone — even as simple as capturing a canvas — you’re probably covered.

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