How to translate telegram messages in another language

Telegram provides a convenient way to translate messages in the application. The resource launched with an update in early 2022, along with message resumes, spoilers, and themed QR codes, among other things. Telegram has worked a lot on interactive emojis (emojis that appear with an animation on the fabric). Embora previously introduced seven interactive versions of emojis, such as fire, starry eyes, and smoky eyes, and recently added animated emojis for various food items, such as a squirrel and a cake.

While WhatsApp is testing the ability to increase the file transfer limit to 2 GB, Telegram already allows users to share files up to 1.5 GB. Telegram offers other helpful resources such as custom notification sounds and automatic lockout durations that allow users to customize their experience with the app. Given the open nature of channels and groups on the platform, Telegram is also often used as a search mechanism.

Message Translations is one of the new resources added by Telegram. Since the application allows up to 200,000 members in a group, it is very likely that public groups will have users who live in different parts of the world and communicate in different languages. Telegram channels, on the other hand, allow unlimited users. of the translation resource telegram in the application can be used here. It can translate messages at the touch of a button, saving time and effort for users who can copy a message and then translate it using Google or another application.

To enable translation in the Telegram application, users need to tap on the three-bar icon in the top corner of the application and definitions† No menu, touch it Linguagem† Touch the button next to Show translate button to enable translations of messages in the application. Logo below, users can select languages ​​whose languages ​​are fluent Not translated† Select the language in which the messages should be translated Language interface† Once the configuration is enabled, users can tap and select any message: Translate in the pop-up menu that appears. The Telegram shows the message translated into the selected language. Users also have the option to copy the translated message or translate it into another language.

The non-application message translation resource is available on all Android devices supported by Telegram, or devices running Android 6.0 and above. For iPhone users, the resource is available on models with iOS 15 and above. Similarly, the app also notifies users who translate posts using Google with a statement of responsibility that reads “Google gives you access to the posts you translate.Telegram Also keep in mind that the list of available languages ​​depends on the operating system of the phone.

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