Modern shredders amaze with their diversity. However, most of them are designed to solve specific problems, and universal models are quite expensive. Therefore, domestic handicrafts are trying to solve narrow-profile grinding tasks by improving the tools available in their arsenal.

Is it possible to grind with a jigsaw

The answer to this question is given by the author of the simplest nozzle, with the help of which the electric jigsaw turns into a grinder in seconds, capable of processing internal holes, hard-to-reach places and edges of wood and metal blanks. It will not be difficult to make such a homemade product, since no special skills are required to assemble an auxiliary device, and you will need to prepare from materials and tools:

  • several small wooden slats with a section of 2×2 centimeters;
  • dull puzzle files;
  • glue gun and PVA glue;
  • #180 sandpaper;
  • the scissors;
  • wooden mallet;
  • saw on wood or metal.

The process of manufacturing such a nozzle for a jigsaw is extremely simple and consists of several stages:

  1. We clamp the wooden rail in a vice so that a narrow groove is cut exactly in the middle of the upper edge of the workpiece so that the jigsaw blade enters it effortlessly.
  2. We coat the back of the sandpaper with PVA glue. We glue the wooden blank on three sides, leaving the edge with a free slot. Gently squeeze the homemade in a clamp of a suitable shape. We wait for the glue to dry completely, then cut off the unnecessary sandpaper.
  3. We coat the slot on the rail with a glue gun (in extreme cases, PVA glue with sawdust plaster is suitable). We insert a jigsaw file into the groove and fix it with light blows with a mallet. Wait for it to dry completely and remove excess glue.

This completes the job. The nozzle, which turns an ordinary jigsaw into a grinder, is assembled by hand from materials that usually lie idle in every garage or workshop. More details on the manufacturing process can be found in the video below.

Attention!!! The author of the idea advises to collect several such nozzles, which will differ in the shape of the workpiece (rectangular, rounded, triangular, round, etc.) in order to process not only rectangular, but also curly cuts, circles and edges of wooden and metal parts.

How to use a jigsaw for sanding

We insert a homemade nozzle instead of a saw blade into a jigsaw and rearrange the switch, if any, to the zero position, in which it is recommended to cut plexiglass, metal, laminate, etc. We start the tool and proceed to grinding the parts.

Practice shows that with the help of such nozzles, a jigsaw confidently grinds the surfaces of internal holes in a board up to 10 millimeters thick (including hardwoods) and also copes quite well at the edges of the particle boards.

It is these materials that are most often processed using a jigsaw. Therefore, such homemade devices will not interfere with any craftsman who does not want to spend money on buying a universal grinder, since he works with wood and metal with a jigsaw only from time to time, and not every day.

Try to assemble nozzles of various shapes with your own hands and make sure that with the help of such devices, the grinding of wooden parts in hard-to-reach places is accelerated several times.